Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update On My Sickies~

Well Jackie is starting to feel a little better~ yesterday she went to the doctor and got a anti-nausea shot! She has been holding things down! Yah! We are taking things slow!

Olivia was up most of the night with her cough and now has the intestinal ick! So we will be taking a break from the cloth diapers!

Last night Noah decided to get the throw ups!.....Our peaceful family bed was anything but! LOL :) Nick had to find a different place to sleep as the bedding was well you know?! And his brother Noah needed some space. I was doing
2am laundry and we had to sleep with the night lite on!

I can't wait to see how tonight goes? LOL
Having a BIG family has its challenges but is truely worth it!

Oh I forgot to mention last night...our fat Beagle dog decided to get into the kitchen garbage. He also decicided it was warmer to "sort" through his treasures on the carpet! LOL

Peace and Thanks For ALL Your Prayers,

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  1. Just trying to get caught up on your blog!! You sure have been busy!! Me too but most of it isn't really blog-worthy. Ha Ha!! I love all the pictures!! The bathroom looks great!! I try to make "big breakfast" each Wednesday--bacon, fried potatoes, browned gravy with the bacon grease (not very healthy but the kiddos love it!) and lots of fried eggs. I have a pretty good system with all of my big cast iron stuff but still it's at least an hour of cooking--which is why we only have "big breakfast" once a week! Anyway, congrats on the award!! Hopefully I will not have to go so long between visits and have so much catching up to do!! Praying for your sickies!!


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