Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Sure Of Much~

except God is good and with me every step of the way!

Hi there all~
I wanted to say happy new year! This new year brings some exciting changes to my life! I have always wanted to live in an old Victorian! There is a great possibility this could happen!

I don't want to say to much about it because we have not made any offers yet! We first have to get our house ready to list on the market. Then make a contingent offer on the house we want that they might not accept??! If they do not accept a contingent offer then we will stay here and not move. I do like my current house! If they do accept the contingent offer we still would need to find a buyer for our home!

To get our house ready for the market(a slow one at that) I am feverishly getting rid of 1/2 of what we own...I was supposed to be cleaning this past fall and then found blogging to be much funner! I am getting rid of more stuff than I would have now that the new house might happen.

Now that the new house could be a real possibility I am so motivated! Blogging is now going to have to take a back seat! I will still be posting but not as often...and I might not take time to visit or leave comments quit as life here is moving at lightening speed!

I have been packing things as though we will be moving. In order to list our house much of what we own must be taken out and either given away or stored some place. We are a family of 8...with more than our share of stuff. God is good and we have been very blessed. Its high time I share my blessings!

Did I mention that the New house would be a major fixer upper but after all the numbers are said and done we would owe less on the bigger newly renovated house. My Hubby is in the construction business so that would save us considerably. But like on many Hollywood movies it could be a total money pit after all the house is 109 years old! We could find something we did not see that puts us over budget. It could be the worst thing we ever did! Or it could be the best thing ever!

There is a new energy in the air...a wind beneath my wings!

I was going to do before and after pictures of our current house...but things are too messy. I have been sorting and packing... things are everywhere. We have taken countless bags to the Goodwill! My house has been unearthed! It feels great!

Please pray for us! There are many things that have to happen before we know anything for sure....we are just taking things one step at a time. I know God will take care of us and if the new Victorian is not what is best for our family it will not work out.... but I am human so I will cry a few buckets of tears should it turn out that this does not work out. I know that God ALWAYS looks out for me and my family. We know that He knows the ultimate plan...He can see around the corner!

I do pray that this will work out! Its seems it will be a great move! I hope God see's to Bless our family with the Victorian! Time will tell!

Thanks for your prayers!

Peace in Christ,


  1. Georgiann, I hope things work out for the Victorian. How exciting if it does. I'm very familiar with getting the house ready for Market and the frantic urgency of removing all that you really don't need. We did this a couple years ago with a 2 acre ranch style home we loved. In the end timing didn't work out but God has revealed to us how he took care of us by saying "no." I love what you said about God seeing around the corner. For us that is exactly what happened and we are very glad it didn't work out.

    For you though it sounds wonderful and God will make it happen if it is right. When we did our cleaning we placed things in storage. We had that storage for a year and a half and found that we didn't need those things so we gave it all away. The bad thing is that we paid the monthly fee to store our unneeded material goods. So, if there is anything you can live without give it away now as opposed to paying to store it. You sound like you have the right attitude about material things so you won't make our mistakes.

    When things settle down I hope you blog about your experience. It is good blog material after all. Ahhh, fixing up a Victorian - sounds dreamy to me. I hope it works out!

    peace, Trudy - (Grasshopper Girl)

  2. Hi there~
    Thanks for coming by...I will definently try to write about my experience.



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