Monday, December 29, 2008

The Seeds Of The Future!

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I found this video this morning and wanted to share it! It is about genetically engineered seeds and food! What is happening to our world and the food we eat?

We need to go back to the simpler ways of life if at all possible. People need to start harvesting their own seeds from their gardens each year...that way you know what you are eating,and the seeds are not be genetically engineered! There are also seed trading groups. You can harvest a few of your seed types and trade with other gardeners!

I found several websites that tell you how to harvest garden seed for planting next year! You can read here here and here

I am now motivated to harvest seeds each year...that way my seeds can't be any farther engineered! We need to care about what we eat and feed our families!

Organic produce found at the grocery store can be very expensive! Those of us with large families on a budget can't realistically take that route. Home gardening can be cost effective and very rewarding. Start small... container gardens are a great way to start. No tiller needed and weeds are kept to a minimum.

Well Happy Gardening! Spring is just around the corner!

Peace and Blessings,

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