Monday, December 15, 2008

Lost and Found

Our family dog,a beagle went missing Thursday night of last week. Saturday I finally had time to make posters and drive around for 3 hours looking for him. Saturday night we got snow here and it was very cold. We were very worried about our beloved pet! Early Sunday afternoon we got a call. Our dog had been found....he was 4 houses down on a road behind our house! He spent the last few their house. Someone picked him up from in front of our house!
He always gets out and just sticks around the hood. We knew someone had to have picked him up because he always stays close and comes back! We are thankful to have him back. Beagles love a good adventure!

Well we finally decorated our Christmas tree Friday night! We had a great time! Then
Saturday evening the baby pulled the tree over on to herself. She was fine,but all the ornaments were ejected from the tree! They were laying all over the living room. What a mess! It took us a week to get the tree in the house and finally get it decorated. Now the tree had no ornaments on it and the lights were all hanging off all uneven! It was a complete do over! It would have to wait until Sunday morning, as it was nearing bedtime. The tree only had 2 breakable ornaments and 1 broke, the rest of them were unbreakable!

I pray that life will slow itself down! I'm not one to pack my schedule..I can and do say NO to things. But it seems the schedule is picking up speed and I don't like it. My house is a mess and there is much still to do to get ready for Christmas.
As I sit here and type this post....I realize I have a bad attitude and if I want things to be different,I need to see things differently and get a new attitude! I think I'm just tired. I will pray about it! I need to spend more time with God...we missed Church on Sunday because the roads were bad! Going to Church rejuvenates my soul. I love the music and the quiet time to reflect and be with GOD. I can feel a difference in how my week is going! I think its from missing church! (I do spend time with God daily,church is a very special time I look forward to all week!)

I pray all is well with you and your family!

Peace in Christ,


  1. Hi Georgiann, I laughed out loud reading the story of your dog being 'saved' in front of his own house. You need to get him a dog tag that says, "don't worry I live here." He has such a cute expression - I bet he has a lot of personality and a good story to tell.

    I hope you have gotten some sleep. Everything appears different after a good rest. Our preparations our hectic too, as always. Sorry about the mishap with your tree. It's one good story to tell about your daughter each year. She'll love coming home from college every year to hear it "one" more time. :)

  2. Hey Grasshopper Girl~
    Thanks for coming by..I did not realize it had been so many days since I had been by your blog! I came by today and your house looks beautiful....and big!
    We got more snow and the kiddos did not have school Thusday or Today. Wednesday was 2 hours late.
    My Hubby did not have work either.
    The kiddos rode the snow mobiles most of the day. FUN FUN FUN!



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