Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thankful Countdown

Christmas countdown banner

As I sit here holding my sleeping baby and typing one handed,I feel life slowing down a bit. I prayed for a new attitude and God delivered. Since there are 8 days until Christmas I thought it would be nice to think of 8 things I am thankful for today!

1.The snow is falling hard! The scenery is breath taking.

2.The kiddos have no school today! And are ALL playing well together.

3.I made more Chex mix and the roast and potatoes are in the crock pot.The house smells delicious. Dinner is on auto pilot!

4.Our family dog is snoring on his pillow in the living room, right were he belongs! He went missing for 2 days last week! We are thankful he is safely home!

5.I finally Christmas shopped for my Hubby's stop shopping at Walgreen's last night. LOL! How pathetic? My teenager and I enjoyed picking things out for him and spending time together. I think he will enjoy the things we got him! And no I don't want to end up on Oprah's worst Christmas gifts,but my shopping is now complete! LOL My Hubby know's I love him!

6.The Polar Express is on TV right now...great movie! I love the music!

7.The ornaments are still on my tree....yeah! Our tree has taken forever to decorate and had its share of mishaps! LOL I love looking at our lite tree! The girls like to sit in front of it and play with their new Fisher Price Nativity set!

8. My teenager cleaned the TV room this morning before going out! Bless his heart! I love that boy! So far the teenage years have not been that bad. We talk often and hug daily!



  1. Ahhh, heavenly peace. The snow sounded awesome until I got to the part about aroma of Chex Mix and a roast and that's even better than awesome. I bet your whole family was thankful for the snow day. You're lucky.

  2. Hi Georgiann!
    Just in case you don't see my reply on my blog, I wanted to be sure and let you know that if you go to you should be able to request any of their catalogs. They have several of them, so it is nice receiving them all in the mail!!

    Now... I am off to peruse your blogs a bit!! Have a blessed night and Merry Christmas!!!!

    Mrs. U

  3. Oh, and I am very sorry about the long link. I have NO idea how to do a hyperlink in a comment. Someone told me once how to do it, but, alas, I quickly forgot!! HA! :)

    Mrs. U

  4. Thanks for coming by Mrs.U~
    I just copy and pasted the address. No biggy! I already just checked out the site...very cool! I hope you enjoy my post have been kind of short and not very wordy has been very busy with 6 kiddos and Christmas coming fast.

    Peace and Blessings,


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