Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Party~

I was so proud of Nick! He played Mary Had A Little Lamb on his violin for Santa! He has only had 2 months of practice and can only play one song. It was his idea and he knew I would love it. I was a PROUD Momma! He showed such courage to play in front of everyone. Great job sweetheart!

Boy that sure looks like a lot of kids! Oh.....thats my family!

My baby and my oldest sitting with the Poinsettia that she won at the party! (poinsettias are poisonous so be careful)

Olivia peakin around the corner....watching Santa arrive through the side door.
She looked like a little doll in her Christmas dress and piggy tails!

My Hubby and some of the kiddos enjoying the party.

Our family Dec. 2008

Olivia opening her present from Santa!

I'm not eating can't make me! I just want the hot cocoa! HUM!

Jackie making a Advent calender. You were to put 25 pieces of candy on the calender page and eat one each night. I think she did not hear that part? as the candy is now gone and its only the 9th.

We all had a blessed time at the Christmas party. The kids all got a gift from Santa and ate as much food as they wanted and...drank pop and hot cocoa. (pop is a treat in our house)
After the party we picked out our tree. We still have yet to put it up in the house and decorate it. Its now Tuesday....I will try to rearrange the house this morning? So maybe we can decorate it tonight?

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Was the party for Church? Love your family photo - everyone smiling and looking at the camera. Enjoy your tree trimming. I love to see the smiles and excitement of the children as we prepare for Christmas.

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  3. Hi there Trudy~
    I decided to rewrite my comment! I deleated the other 2 comments.
    I was really tired yesterday and sounded like a idiot! I tryed to fix it but yet again had miss spelled words. I could not stand to leave it!
    So I will have a do over...

    The party was for my Hubbys work. They had it in the main office this year due to cut backs. It was still fun. It is usually a big catered family breakfast in the city. This year it was potluck (potfaith).
    After the party we drove by my hubby job site. He is in contruction and building the Goodwill Headquarters! He loves to show the kiddos! We all had a great day together!

    Merry Christmas!


  4. Well, this was really neat. The boy playing for St. Nick! Wow! What a lovely family photo too!
    St. Nick looks so handsome..more like a good St. Nick than just a funny Santa, you know what I mean?
    Wonderful photos!

  5. You have a beautiful family. I found your blog yesterday and love your homey feel:-) Merry Christmas!


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