Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sidewalk Art~

Today we had another successful sunny Sunday here in the Pacific Northwest!
We cleaned up the patio
{my chickens have been out for a few weeks}.
I finished rearranging my living room...I will post on that soon~
I washed our bed linens and was 1/2 tempted to hang them on the clothes line to dry...but though its sunny it is still a bit breezy! (58degrees) 
We BBQ'ed some steak and had broccolli salad and homemade a mushroom, onion risotto.
Hubby and I poped a bottle of wine....and had a relaxing time!
I will post the recipe for my Mushroom and Onion Risotto soon!

After dinner.... I headed outside to take pictures of the girls!

My two little sidewalk artist were dressed in their new hats I bought from the Salvation Army
 {my favorite store}
Jackie was so funny.....she said, "Mom, I need a little rock!"
I said, what for?
She said, "for my hopscotch!"
Yes.......that is Jackie on her microscopic hopscotch game! LOL

Jackie drew this beautiful flower!

Little Miss Olivia lookin cute~

Have a great rest of the weekend~

Peace and Love,

Our Lovely Sunday~Part 5

Thanks for coming by to see my final post in my series entitled Our Lovely Sunday ~
Last Sunday our family managed to have a day filled with sunshine, peace and togetherness!
If you are just joining me for the first time, you can read ALL 5 of my post under this one to see what  our family did last Sunday~
Our family loves to be out in nature when we can.
My prayers go out to those Eastcoasters that are expirienceing large volumes of snow this year! 
Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had a mild winter this year.....our cherry blossoms are in bloom and the sun is out today!

God is Good~

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog.
Please feel free to say hi~ leave me a comment!
I love to make new blog friends!

Peace and Love,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Lovely Sunday~Part 4

Thanks for coming back to see Part 4 of Our Lovely Sunday!

Jackie was so excited when she found a tenis ball down by the pond~
My little daughter just warms my heart!
Looking at these pictures from last Sunday makes my soul flow with happiness!
The sun was shining and we were toghter as a family enjoying nature. {Sigh}
Jackie was just so cute hiking around with her walking stick she found!
Stay tuned tomorrow, for the last of my Sunday pictures.....I think?

We have done a ton of really fun things this week here at the Bluebird Cottage that I want to post about so I'm trying to get caught up....and get things posted.
I'm real excited about Jackie's Creative Dance recitle tomorrow!

Peace and Love,

Our Lovely Sunday~ Part 3

Noah's eyes were bigger than his stomach!

Welcome to part 3 of Our Lovely Sunday~ 
Well, after a fun time at the Wild Life Park, the day was still young so we drove farther up into the a small town. This small town is full of old charm.....antique shops,bakeries, mom and pop stores and resturants. This town also has the sweetest little old churches......ones from the late 1800's!

When we are in town we love to stop at our favorite little Mexican resturant for nachos!  Then head over to the park nestled behind the main town buildings! During the summer months we used to pick blackberries but the park maintinance has since sprayed and tore them out! :{

Olivia can put a good scowl together.....she wanted a turn with mom's camera! I think it was nap time!

This park has basket ball hoops,skate park (for skateboarding), a play ground and a path that goes part way around a pond.....
My kiddos love to kick their shoes off and climb on the nurse logs that stick out into the pond!
Well....I'm getting ahead of myself those are pictures I will post tomorrow.

Jacob my 13yr old has a new passion......treasure hunting with his medal detector. He has found some really cool treasures with it since recieving his detector for Christmas! This day he only found 2 pennies!

Its the thrill of the hunt right?

Noah is pictured helping Jacob in the hunt while the girls played at the playground....Nick and dad were shooting some hoops!
Jacob took a few digs as we headed down the trail to the water! Olivia was all eyes!
Treasure Hunting always draws a crowd!

I hope you all are enjoying my pictures?

 Because like it or not.... I have more for you all tomorrow~LOL

Stay tuned for Part 4~

Peace in Christ,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank You Kari~

Thank you Kari for the wonderful handmade baby slippers!
For those that don't know, I won them over at her blog
 Moo said the Mama!
Kari gave away three sets of three. A boy pack, a girl pack and a nutrual set!
I have a pattern to make some of these cute slippers but never got around to it!
I'm so blessed to have won....
Thank you again Kari~

Peace in Christ,

Our Lovely Sunday~ Part 2

Welcome back to the story of our lovely Sunday! We usually go to church (Mass) on Saturday nights so we have all day Sunday to be together and do something fun!
This is Part 2 of what might end up being 4 parts? I have lots of neat pictures I want to post!  I can't wait to post the ones of one I have planned for tomorrow....they are more of ......well you have to come back tomorrow! I'm not to good at keeping secrets....but I'm going to try!

The tram ride in the free roaming area takes about 55 minutes and we got see all sorts of animals!
They have moose,elk,seveal types of deer,bison,racoons,long horn sheep,mountian goats and 2 pare of trumphiter swans! Oh and we did see a beaver damn...but of course the beaver was in his damn sleeping or something!
After the tram ride we walked around the rest of the park and got to see the carnivorus animals....they do not let them roam in the tram ride area!
We walked around on the beautiful paths and got to see bears,cougars,wolfs,fox and other wild cats! There was also a building with otter,beaver,wolverine and raccoons!
After a quick walk around the trails to see the other animals....and a quick trip to the bathrooms, we loaded back up in the car to head to our next destination! Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Lovely Sunday!

Peace in Christ,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Lovely Sunday~ Part 1

We are member of a Wild Life Park......its right in our own back yard so to speak!
So this past Sunday Hubby and I decided to load up our family (except our oldest son, who was at a hunger retreat) and head to the park! The weather here was sunny but cool.....we had a bit of spring fever going on!
 With 40 mintutes before our tram would leave to take us in the free roaming area......
 we had time for the bathrooms and a quick visit to the Discovery Cabin!
The Discovery Cabin has computers,crafts, a reading corner and small amimals ie: frogs,snakes salamanders,bees etc.
There are animal pelts and other things to touch and see!
The cabin is quit large...the last picture only shows 1/3 of the size of its total size!
Stay tuned for Part 2 of our LOVELY SUNDAY of the AWESOME scenery and animals!

You know your a homeschool family when......
ALL your kids say they want to stay longer and discover more things in the cabin~

Peace and Love,

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fellowship With Church Friends~

After Mass on Saturday, Hubby and I (plus Jackie age 4) went to have dinner with several other parishners over at a friends house. The meal was a get to know you kind of gathering......there was one couple from each of the Mass times. It was also a time to welcome our new Priest and celebrate his birthday!!
One of the couples brought their 18month old son......he decided to ralph all over the floor, just before we said grace.
We all felt terrible for them~ They were so embarrassed~ And had to depart before we ate! If I was thinking, I would have sugested making them a plate of food to go~
As it was they had a sick kid and no dinner that night! :{

{I made the breads,tarter sauce, Mushroom soup and brought some wine}

The menu was:
 Salmon with my homemade tarter sauce~
 Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup~
Walnut Wheat Bread~
Butter Rolls~
Salad with a vinigarette~
Asparagras with a Bluecheese Vinigarette~
White or Red Wine~
Chocolate Cake~
Cheese Cake Tray~


Friday, February 19, 2010

My New Love~ watching my son Nick play basketball!

{Nick is the boy right behind the kid with the ball!}
Sorry about the quality of the photo~
Are you a fan of watching sports?

I have really never been a fan of watching sports.....even when my children are playing. Now don't get me wrong, I do go to their games and cheer every once in a while.
Sports, like baseball is so slow going and with my many small kiddos in tow, I often spend much time at the playground or taking the kids to the yucky Honeybucket!
In the fall, a few of my kiddos play football....but it is often cold,wet and rainy here where we live. So most of the time I opt to stay home with the younger kiddos. Football, is an all day sport with 2 games on game day (one for each kiddo and they are not always back to back.) My hubby likes to be on the chain gang.....holding the yard flags....or what ever they are called! LOL And..... it never fails, as soon as we ALL get situated up in the of the kids has to go potty!  So back down we go~LOL

My 10yr old son Nick is playing basketball this year and I have truely been enjoying every mintute of it!!!! My eyes have been glued to the game and I get so happy watching ALL the kiddos run up and down the court. {I think I am the loudest cheering parent there!} Sometimes the ball seems more like a bar of slippery soap......I laugh as the ball goes everywhere!
Most of the kids are not in real control of the ball at the 5th grade level! It makes for a very exciting game and fun watching!
For most of the games I have been fortunate to NOT have to bring my younger kiddos!
Its more like SPECICAL time for Nick and I ~
I can hardly wait til tomorrow.....

Nick has a game~

I will be going to Mass (church)~

Then having dinner with our new preist~

A couple that hubby and I know from church has invited 3 couples (one from each of the Mass times) to join them in their home to have dinner with our new priest! I will bake the bread for the meal.....make the tarter sauce for the salmon my friend will serve.
I will also bring an appitizer....but I'm thinking a homemade Cream of Wild Mushroom soup might be what I bring for that?

Well, have a great weekend~


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ladybug Boots~

My sweet Olivia works so hard to put on her shoes or in this case boots all by herself!..... to only take them off every time we get in the van! So then when we get to where we are going, I have to climb ALL over the van to find them....and take more time to put them back on! When we get home its the same thing. I often just carry her into the house.....with only one shoe in my hand! With gorceries and other stuff to carry in I don't often take the time to dig for the second shoe!
I think that on my to do list for today is to retreive all the single shoes out of the van and match them all back up!
Well, the sun has made an apperance today, up in my neck of the woods! So after a few chores I think I will play outside with my kiddos......and dream about my plantting my garden~
 I have some laundry to catch up on before the weekend and some general tidying up ~
Oh I can't wait to start using my clothes line again~

Love and Blessings,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Childrens Printable Lenten Calender~

Catholic Icing

Over at Catholic Icing, Lacy put together a really cool  printable childrens Lenten calender.....a count down of the forty days until Easter!
I'm so glad I found this blog......its one of my new favorites~
Lacy has a blog filled with so many printables to enrich yours and your childrens FAITH~
I am also printing the Stations of the Cross color sheets....I will only print one set and have the kids take turns coloring a day......then I will hang them up and once a week do some prayers with the kiddos as a family~. I  think as a new tradition, I will put the same ones(color sheets they do this year) up every year!


Ash Wednesday~ Faith and Scripture Tea~

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent~
I will be making time for extra prayer over the next 6 weeks or so. I will snuggle up with my kiddos and read to them what our Faith teaches us about this time in the bible.....Christ in the desert!
This morning I will be taking the 4 of my 6 kiddos to morning Mass to get ashes. Hubby will take the 2 older boys tonight!
This weekend my oldest son will be going to a hunger retreat. He will sleep in a church in the city with other teens.....and go with out food. {Friday night- Saturday after Mass at 5pm}
During the day on Saturday different groups of teens will be going to soup kitchens and homeless shelters to help others in need down in the heart of the city.

Lent is a time to dig deeper, give more. Strive to be better Stewarts of the gifts God has given us.
Its a time to reflect and pray~
Its a time to help the poorest of the poor~
Its a time to quiet our minds from this busy world and spend time with God~

Blessings in Christ,