Monday, February 22, 2010

Fellowship With Church Friends~

After Mass on Saturday, Hubby and I (plus Jackie age 4) went to have dinner with several other parishners over at a friends house. The meal was a get to know you kind of gathering......there was one couple from each of the Mass times. It was also a time to welcome our new Priest and celebrate his birthday!!
One of the couples brought their 18month old son......he decided to ralph all over the floor, just before we said grace.
We all felt terrible for them~ They were so embarrassed~ And had to depart before we ate! If I was thinking, I would have sugested making them a plate of food to go~
As it was they had a sick kid and no dinner that night! :{

{I made the breads,tarter sauce, Mushroom soup and brought some wine}

The menu was:
 Salmon with my homemade tarter sauce~
 Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup~
Walnut Wheat Bread~
Butter Rolls~
Salad with a vinigarette~
Asparagras with a Bluecheese Vinigarette~
White or Red Wine~
Chocolate Cake~
Cheese Cake Tray~


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