Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday~

February 4
Well, I now have 2 official teenagers!

Jacob is 13 today!

I got pregnant with him around Mothers Day 14yrs ago and delivered him in time for Valentine's Day! You can read his birth story here!

Jacob is fun to be around and has a heart of gold!

All the younger kiddos say he is their favorite brother! Jacob is a very generous young man and shares his treats and gum with them freely with out being asked!

Jacob loves to skateboard {I know he should be wearing his helmet} at the local skate parks!

During the summer months you will find him at the lake either jumping off the dock or tubing behind our boat! During the winter months Jacob is often snuggled up with our Beagle dog under a handmade quilt! {update on the dog: Benson got his stitches out yesterday and will be on a life time of steroids to keep the spots on his lungs in check!}

For Jacob's birthday my sister and her husband are taking him snowboarding next week.

Jarett our oldest son (15 and 1/2) {yes,he is wanting his driving permit,EEEEKKKK} will go along with them. My sister has some gear to lend them and we will rent the rest.

This will be my boys 2nd time going snowboarding and they're really stoked!

Peace and Joy,


  1. I had to tell you that I got pregnant with my first on Mother's Day and he was a week late so born 2/10. He is a little younger than yours...he will turn 3 this year. But, mine also has red hair. Pretty neat to find some much in common with a blog-land friend! :-)
    Snowboarding sounds like an awesome way to celebrate Jacob's birthday. Hope he has tons of fun!

  2. I follow your blog and read it when I can. I heard of it thru Amy at Raising Arrows and I admire how devoted you are to raising your kids God's way, which is what I am striving to do. And dreaming of having a large family I need all the practical tips I can get! I am just starting my family with a 3 year-old, 15 month old, and one on the way due in Sep. :-) Nice to be getting to know you in blog-land!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Jacob!!! I love that red hair!! :-)


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