Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Lovely Sunday~ Part 2

Welcome back to the story of our lovely Sunday! We usually go to church (Mass) on Saturday nights so we have all day Sunday to be together and do something fun!
This is Part 2 of what might end up being 4 parts? I have lots of neat pictures I want to post!  I can't wait to post the ones of one I have planned for tomorrow....they are more of ......well you have to come back tomorrow! I'm not to good at keeping secrets....but I'm going to try!

The tram ride in the free roaming area takes about 55 minutes and we got see all sorts of animals!
They have moose,elk,seveal types of deer,bison,racoons,long horn sheep,mountian goats and 2 pare of trumphiter swans! Oh and we did see a beaver damn...but of course the beaver was in his damn sleeping or something!
After the tram ride we walked around the rest of the park and got to see the carnivorus animals....they do not let them roam in the tram ride area!
We walked around on the beautiful paths and got to see bears,cougars,wolfs,fox and other wild cats! There was also a building with otter,beaver,wolverine and raccoons!
After a quick walk around the trails to see the other animals....and a quick trip to the bathrooms, we loaded back up in the car to head to our next destination! Stay tuned for Part 3 of our Lovely Sunday!

Peace in Christ,

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