Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Lovely Sunday~ Part 3

Noah's eyes were bigger than his stomach!

Welcome to part 3 of Our Lovely Sunday~ 
Well, after a fun time at the Wild Life Park, the day was still young so we drove farther up into the a small town. This small town is full of old charm.....antique shops,bakeries, mom and pop stores and resturants. This town also has the sweetest little old churches......ones from the late 1800's!

When we are in town we love to stop at our favorite little Mexican resturant for nachos!  Then head over to the park nestled behind the main town buildings! During the summer months we used to pick blackberries but the park maintinance has since sprayed and tore them out! :{

Olivia can put a good scowl together.....she wanted a turn with mom's camera! I think it was nap time!

This park has basket ball hoops,skate park (for skateboarding), a play ground and a path that goes part way around a pond.....
My kiddos love to kick their shoes off and climb on the nurse logs that stick out into the pond!
Well....I'm getting ahead of myself those are pictures I will post tomorrow.

Jacob my 13yr old has a new passion......treasure hunting with his medal detector. He has found some really cool treasures with it since recieving his detector for Christmas! This day he only found 2 pennies!

Its the thrill of the hunt right?

Noah is pictured helping Jacob in the hunt while the girls played at the playground....Nick and dad were shooting some hoops!
Jacob took a few digs as we headed down the trail to the water! Olivia was all eyes!
Treasure Hunting always draws a crowd!

I hope you all are enjoying my pictures?

 Because like it or not.... I have more for you all tomorrow~LOL

Stay tuned for Part 4~

Peace in Christ,

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