Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Lovely Sunday~Part 4

Thanks for coming back to see Part 4 of Our Lovely Sunday!

Jackie was so excited when she found a tenis ball down by the pond~
My little daughter just warms my heart!
Looking at these pictures from last Sunday makes my soul flow with happiness!
The sun was shining and we were toghter as a family enjoying nature. {Sigh}
Jackie was just so cute hiking around with her walking stick she found!
Stay tuned tomorrow, for the last of my Sunday pictures.....I think?

We have done a ton of really fun things this week here at the Bluebird Cottage that I want to post about so I'm trying to get caught up....and get things posted.
I'm real excited about Jackie's Creative Dance recitle tomorrow!

Peace and Love,


  1. What beautiful children! You take lovely photos.
    Your blog is very pleasant.

    I love gardening too. Can't wait for Spring to come.

    Blessed be, Nicole

  2. Your daughter is really cute! But... it's February, is it really that warm where you live? I have a second cousin in Portland, I never imagined that it could be that warm there!
    Actually, I shouldn't complain, we just had the first 34'F day after nearly 2 months of temperatures 14'F and colder - but the snow is still hip-deep... This year I probably have to wait a long time until there's enough snow-free soil to start something in the garden. Sigh.


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