Friday, February 19, 2010

My New Love~ watching my son Nick play basketball!

{Nick is the boy right behind the kid with the ball!}
Sorry about the quality of the photo~
Are you a fan of watching sports?

I have really never been a fan of watching sports.....even when my children are playing. Now don't get me wrong, I do go to their games and cheer every once in a while.
Sports, like baseball is so slow going and with my many small kiddos in tow, I often spend much time at the playground or taking the kids to the yucky Honeybucket!
In the fall, a few of my kiddos play football....but it is often cold,wet and rainy here where we live. So most of the time I opt to stay home with the younger kiddos. Football, is an all day sport with 2 games on game day (one for each kiddo and they are not always back to back.) My hubby likes to be on the chain gang.....holding the yard flags....or what ever they are called! LOL And..... it never fails, as soon as we ALL get situated up in the of the kids has to go potty!  So back down we go~LOL

My 10yr old son Nick is playing basketball this year and I have truely been enjoying every mintute of it!!!! My eyes have been glued to the game and I get so happy watching ALL the kiddos run up and down the court. {I think I am the loudest cheering parent there!} Sometimes the ball seems more like a bar of slippery soap......I laugh as the ball goes everywhere!
Most of the kids are not in real control of the ball at the 5th grade level! It makes for a very exciting game and fun watching!
For most of the games I have been fortunate to NOT have to bring my younger kiddos!
Its more like SPECICAL time for Nick and I ~
I can hardly wait til tomorrow.....

Nick has a game~

I will be going to Mass (church)~

Then having dinner with our new preist~

A couple that hubby and I know from church has invited 3 couples (one from each of the Mass times) to join them in their home to have dinner with our new priest! I will bake the bread for the meal.....make the tarter sauce for the salmon my friend will serve.
I will also bring an appitizer....but I'm thinking a homemade Cream of Wild Mushroom soup might be what I bring for that?

Well, have a great weekend~


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