Monday, February 8, 2010

This Takes The Cake~

This week and week end has been very busy here at The Bluebird Cottage~
My plate was full of appointments, birthdays, playdates, sports, moms groups, scout meetings and more.
It was also Scout weekend and my boys signed up to help bring up the gifts at church on Saturday night.
 Nick(10) and Noah(7)  have been in Cub Scouts for a number of years and Dear ole Mom here has not been on top of putting patches and badges on their uniform. It was a blessing to find some no-sew badge adheisive at the Boy Scout Store.....(I had about 30 things to add to their uniform and vest.) I used up the whole sheet of stuff and still have 3 large batches to put on.

So, I bet you are wondering what this beautiful cake has to do with anything?

(The cake in the photos was the yummy desert we ate at The World Marriage Day dinner/dance this weekend!)
Well, after a long and busy week Hubby and I attended a World Marriage Day Dinner Dance after church on Saturday.
What is nice is we no longer have to pay for a baby sitter,our oldest is 15 yrs old and does a pretty good job. The church we have attended for 17yrs has a special  Dinner/Dance every year to celebrate the vocation of Marriage. The event is held off site and is catered. Four unlucky lucky couples get chosen for a round of The Newly Wed Game.  Its was fun to play along with my Hubby from the comfort of our seats at the table. The questions are not to bad are just a few of the questions aked:
  1. If your wifes mother were an animal what would she be?
  2. How many shoes does your wife have?
  3. If your Hubby could have dinner with a famous person who would it be?
  4. Then they aked a few questions that had four choices. A. B. C or D?

There was also a slide show of everyones wedding photos and their families now.
The whole night was like a wedding reception. There was a wedding dance.....all couples start out dancing to the slow song, as the MC announces years of marriage couples sit down.....and we are left with the longest married couple. I think it was 57 yrs of marriage!
One of my friends from church is due with her 7th baby in just 2 weeks was dancing and looking good!
My hubby and I enjoyed fellowshipping with friends and other parishners we have not talked to in a while.
It was a lovely night~

Well, I think this week will have a bit slower pace than last week!
As I was typing that last sentence I'm remembering:
 Next weekend on Sunday Feb. 14 (St.Valentines Day) my son's baseball team is having a spaggetti dinner fundraiser (I have to make 2 desserts for the auction). Our family tradition for Valentines will be different this year:( 
And next Saturday I will be helping at our church with the youth fundraiser breakfast at 6am....yes, that's in the early morning!
Maybe I'm wrong.......this WILL be another busy week! So now I'm off~

Have a great week!
{I will still try to post a few times this week!}



  1. Georgiann,
    The cake looks too beautiful to eat. I hope that it tasted just as good as it looked. Oh, I wish I had some!! Ha Ha!!

    Hope you find some quiet along the way this week!

  2. Dear Georgiann,

    finally i can visit your blog again,
    since your post about Faith like Patatoes, icouldn't open your blog anymore.
    But now i have a new pc and have a lot to read...

    Have you read/seen that we have been blessed with a son, (i installed google translate,)



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