Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Love~

these photos are from last year~

The Valentine tradition here at The Bluebird Cottage (our house) has been one of family love!
We always spend our Valentines day together. I set the table with a white table cloth and put some bright primroses down the center. It gives the feeling that spring is almost here!
 Some of my young ones love to help me make chocolate covered strawberries and pizza dough. Everyone loves the "make your own" pizza station I set up in the kitchen. {there have been a few times I bought heart shaped take and bake pizzas from Papa Murphy.}
 Hubby and I look forward to feasting on steak make on the barbie, baked potato and salad (if the kiddos what steak to we make a few extras.) as our special treat!
Our children feel special when we get the nice stemware out and make "fluffy" drinks. I usually make some sort of red or pink drink ie: watermelon Itatlian cream sodas or strawberry milkshakes with whipcream and sprinkles!

Each place setting gets a small box of chocolates.....the kiddos really look forward to a day of special things.

This year will be a bit different because, Sunday February 14th  my oldest sons baseball team is having a spaggetti dinner fundraiser. I will be making a plate of chocolate dippped strawberries and a basket of scones with jar of raspberry jam for the dessert auction. I will also be making some blueberry scones topped with white chocolate for the buy it now table.

There will also be a ton of silent auction baskets to bid on. Our family is donating a movie basket
{2 movies,3 bags of popcorn, 3 boxes of candy and a few cans of pop.}
Money has been tight around here, so I will have to use self-controll when it comes to deciding to even make a bid!

The most importants things will still be the same no matter what we have to eat or where we celebrate!

We are family, we love each other, and we will be together.

How do you spend Valentines day?
Do you have certain traditions you do every year?
Do you have a certain meal you like to cook up for the occation?

Peace,Love and Joy,

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