Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sidewalk Art~

Today we had another successful sunny Sunday here in the Pacific Northwest!
We cleaned up the patio
{my chickens have been out for a few weeks}.
I finished rearranging my living room...I will post on that soon~
I washed our bed linens and was 1/2 tempted to hang them on the clothes line to dry...but though its sunny it is still a bit breezy! (58degrees) 
We BBQ'ed some steak and had broccolli salad and homemade a mushroom, onion risotto.
Hubby and I poped a bottle of wine....and had a relaxing time!
I will post the recipe for my Mushroom and Onion Risotto soon!

After dinner.... I headed outside to take pictures of the girls!

My two little sidewalk artist were dressed in their new hats I bought from the Salvation Army
 {my favorite store}
Jackie was so funny.....she said, "Mom, I need a little rock!"
I said, what for?
She said, "for my hopscotch!"
Yes.......that is Jackie on her microscopic hopscotch game! LOL

Jackie drew this beautiful flower!

Little Miss Olivia lookin cute~

Have a great rest of the weekend~

Peace and Love,

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  1. I am origionally from the Pacific NW, but recently moved to Eastern OR. We had a similar weekend looks like! We went for a walk and threw rocks into a nearby rive. We had a yummy BBQ and decided to roast marshmellows! We also had to do some yard clean up. Our chickens have been out and about for 3 weeks and the patio and stairs to our backyard was extremely messy! ;) Just found your blog and it is very nice!


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