Monday, February 1, 2010

Benson's Boy~

Its been about a week and a half since our dog Benson had his accident. After a long day of shopping with 5 kiddos in tow, I just wanted to unload the van and some of the older kiddos and head back out to Walmart to buy a ballet outfit for Jackie (4yr). She now taking a Creative Movement class!
It was a fairly sunny day and many folks were out walking their dogs. Benson our Beagle decided to wonder off to see some of the passersby while we unloaded our van. He was going a bit farther than I liked. Since I was leaving again to go Walmart with 2 of my 6 kiddos, I drove to where Benson was to give him a ride back to the house. That's when it happened.
I told Noah (7) to open the siding door on the van and boost the dog in......well, Noah does not know how to boost very well and the dog ended up breaking one of his back toe nails. There was blood every where and Benson's nail was hanging. Our trip to the store would now have to wait.
We ended up having to drive clear back across town to take the dog to the vet. The veterinarian gave us the news that our beloved dog would need to be knocked out for them to put off his nail. So since it would cost an arm and a leg (if you could see me now, I walk with a limp!lol) to put him out, it would be a good idea to spend more $$$$$$ to have his teeth cleaned and get his lump (he's had since he was 2yrs) taken off while they were at it. Oh, and for $100.00 more they could sent the lump to the lab to see what it was! We chose not to have the lab check it out!
The vet was closing for the night so we took him home and brought him back in first thing in the morning for surgery and teeth cleaning.
Benson is doing well and will get his stitches out this week,and is still taking his antibiotics. The vet did do an x-ray and it showed that our dog has 2 spots on his lungs. Our dog seems fine for now but who knows. We are not going to spend $2000.00 on chemo.
We do love our dog and pray he will be with us for many more years. He will be 10yrs in April.

Jacob,my soon to be 13 yr old (Feb. 4) just loves our dog. He is the one in charge of feeding and watering him. Most days you will find the two of them snuggled up under a blanket reading or napping. (those teenagers need their sleep!)

You can read more here about our beloved family dog!

Blessings and Love,

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