Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What we've been up to.

Butterfly Olivia singing a butterfly song!

A few weeks ago I took my 3 littles to the Hands On Childrens Museum.
There was lots to do there......
like put on dress ups and sing on stage,

play a cashier at the meat market,

or drive the ambulance with staff and pacient in the back just to name a few.
We spent about 3 hours playing there that day!
 What fun on a rainy day!

After a few busy days......Olivia and I have a stay at home snuggle in PJ's day!

The past few days we have been busy in a fun way.

Olivia and I recently joined a Attachment Parenting meet up group.
There is a large full monthly calender of activities you can pick and choose to go to.

This past week we went to the Kids Yoga and the next day to the New Member Mingle at a really cool coffee shop.

The coffee shop had 2 living rooms that could be closed off by curtains and a conference room with a large slideing barn door. The reast of the place has many large dining tables and  an a eclectic mix of chairs!
Our group was in the library living room. There were toys, books and games for the kiddos and the mom's got to visit.

Olivia had a cocoa and a Greek Yogurt and I had a ham and eggs sandwich and a chia tea latte!
I wish I took more pictures! This place was really that cool!

Today I need to catch up on house work, take Olivia to the Play To Learn time at the local library.....if she's up to it.

Right now she is looking like she might just want a PJ and movie day?????......

Oh and right now for the next month or so is the Spring 40 Days For Life Rally.
Olivia and I stoped by and prayed and sang for about an hour on the way home from our Yoga class earlier this week.

Tonight I coach soccer and it is cold, wet and snowing (as I type) out right now! BBBRRRR

Peace and Love+

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This and That~

It seems like I don't post very often so today I wanted to catch up on a few things.

Last weekend I went to meet with a few other Catholic home school moms from our local co-op!
We had a nice breakfast and a good visit.
Afterwards I went to take flowers to Christian's grave and attend Mass in the hall.

Though I am 24 week pregnant today with another baby......I still miss Christian!
The last time I went to the cemetery was back in Sept. 2011 just after a breakfast with the same group of ladies. I prayed.......I asked Christian to pull a few strings and as God to give me another child.
It had taken 17mo. to conceive Christian and it had now been 8mo since my miscarriage.
I ended up conceiving this baby that very weekend back in Sept. 2011!!!

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday........I went to Mass in the morning with Olivia because in the evening I had volunteered to help with getting my son Nick's band funraiser, a spagetti dinner and aution ready for Friday.

Since I went to Mass in the morning ALL DAY LONG people would look at me and say:
Do you know you have a large dirt mark on your forhead?
It was kind of funny because they were not sure if they wanted to say anything to me.

Over the weekend........before Ash Wendnesday.

I really wanted to try Cold Stone ice I went early to pick up my son and his friend from the movies leaving time to get some ice cream.

OK......I know this ice cream might look yummy but really it was not!
I had never been to Cold Stone before. Yes, really. I never had been to Cold Sone, before ordering this sweet treat pictured above.
It was not worth the money and I thought I was going to go into a diabetic coma!
I felt so sick after this and I know it was not good for the baby!
At least now with lent here the sweets will be little to non.

I have some really cute pic of my youngest 3 at the Hands On childrens museum, I will try to post later this weekend.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy St. Valentine's Day and Belly Update!

One of our favorite St. Valentine traditions is to make chocolate covered strawberries!
I usually over see the mess making but this year I was very tired (even though I had just got an hour nap)
So after getting the chocolate melted for the girls I turned them loose!
The mess was not to bad!
I snapped a few pic's and then sat in the living room and watch them work together nicely, then fight over who gets to lick the spoon!
Can you tell who got the spoon? lol
Olivia did end up with a spoon too. Problem solved!

My day was long yesterday........

I did not sleep well as my back has begun to hurt this pregnancy! Rolling over is painful and walking at times is a challenge! It is a condition called Pelvic Girdle Pain or PGP. So yesterday I started wearing my belly band! Today my back is feeling a bit better!

I was up at 5:30am packing lunches and getting everyone off to work and school. I then popped my breakfast casserole I make the night before, into the oven for our M.O.P.S. meeting and started getting ready to go.

After the meeting it was off to the store for our strawberries and chocolate, then over to Nick's school to drop off some candy for him to give to his new girlfriend. (candy I got free at out MOPS meeting!)

Then off to Applebee's for lunch with Olivia to use a (bonus) gift card the expired soon!
It was great to bump into many friends there! They all had the same idea!
We only had an hour to eat then it was off to Noah and Jackie's school for back to back parties!

I came home exhausted and to a messy house!
Our dish washer fuse broke again. We had been 1 week with out a dishwasher and a busy schedule!
My kitchen sink was beyond FULL!
I sat for 30 minutes on the coach when we all got home then decided I needed a nap before I could start dinner! (We had spaghetti, salad and bread)
I was not in the mood to make every thing fancy this year! I was not even hungry!

For my Valentines gift hubby picked up the fuse for the dishwasher, spent about an 45 minutes fixing it!
Then did a load of dishes! All before he ate dinner!

He also brought me 2 roses (1 for me and 1 for baby)
and a bottle of chocolate carmel creamer for my coffee!

I am 22w 5d in this picture!
17 weeks to go! eeekkk!
I look and feel huge!
(at my last apt. I had only gained 10# since the beginning!)
Its been 4 weeks and I go tomorrow for another pre-natal check up!
It has been great to finally feel baby move a bit more and with more force!

Update from my Feb.16 2012 apt.
I gained 5# since my last visit. (so 15# so far)
My blood pressure was 124/55.....looking good!
Since wearing my Belly Band my lower back has been doing better!
I take a low dose blood thinner and should be wearing my compression hose but have not done so faithfully:(
I have a huge bruise on my left calf but my OB said its not a clot.....just to start wearing my hose!
Its so hard to do when I say home all day and I only have 2 pair so I have to wash them daily!
I still take 200mg of progesterone and get my blood checked every 2 weeks.
All is looking great in that regard!
My next OB visit is in 4 weeks and I will have my glucose checked! OH JOY!

Oh, did I tell you I'm a soccer coach again this year?
Yes, BIG pregnant momma is a coach!
I'm so glad I have an assistant this time...for back up and to help with the drills etc.
The season is only a 2 months so I think I will survive! (Feb and March)

Well I'm off to the coffee pot (decaf.) and to try some of the creamer hubby got me!

Peace and  Love,