Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What we've been up to.

Butterfly Olivia singing a butterfly song!

A few weeks ago I took my 3 littles to the Hands On Childrens Museum.
There was lots to do there......
like put on dress ups and sing on stage,

play a cashier at the meat market,

or drive the ambulance with staff and pacient in the back just to name a few.
We spent about 3 hours playing there that day!
 What fun on a rainy day!

After a few busy days......Olivia and I have a stay at home snuggle in PJ's day!

The past few days we have been busy in a fun way.

Olivia and I recently joined a Attachment Parenting meet up group.
There is a large full monthly calender of activities you can pick and choose to go to.

This past week we went to the Kids Yoga and the next day to the New Member Mingle at a really cool coffee shop.

The coffee shop had 2 living rooms that could be closed off by curtains and a conference room with a large slideing barn door. The reast of the place has many large dining tables and  an a eclectic mix of chairs!
Our group was in the library living room. There were toys, books and games for the kiddos and the mom's got to visit.

Olivia had a cocoa and a Greek Yogurt and I had a ham and eggs sandwich and a chia tea latte!
I wish I took more pictures! This place was really that cool!

Today I need to catch up on house work, take Olivia to the Play To Learn time at the local library.....if she's up to it.

Right now she is looking like she might just want a PJ and movie day?????......

Oh and right now for the next month or so is the Spring 40 Days For Life Rally.
Olivia and I stoped by and prayed and sang for about an hour on the way home from our Yoga class earlier this week.

Tonight I coach soccer and it is cold, wet and snowing (as I type) out right now! BBBRRRR

Peace and Love+


  1. Sounds like you are happily busy!! :-) Blessings to you and your family sweet friend!! <3

  2. Georgiann!! Surprise - I am back at the computer and it looks like I have some catching up to do!! Congratulations - I am thrilled beyond reason for you and baby #8!! I am praying for you and hoping you are well and little peanut is thriving!! I am after all this time back to blogging and blog hopping so I will be checking in often!! Blessings and Hugs!! And more hugs for your little bean!! Christine


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