Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Right Now

These are just a few books I could round up for a  picture!
The rest are here and there in my favorite reading spots!

Right Now::

I am feeling baby kicking and smiling big!

I am thinking about what to wear to MOPS today!

Excited about going to a Light and Life Banquet tonight put on by CareNet to see Abby Jonhson speak!
She's the auther of the book UnPlanned!

Praying that my 3 hour gestational diabetic screen I had done yesterday comes back nornal.

Thinking about what to make for dinner since I will not be here later! (I still have to feed the herd!)
Dear Hubby called and said, he would pick something up for the kiddos and him to eat for dinner!

Glad that our soccer practices are over! (I am the coach) We do still have 2 games!

Glad my lower back is feeling better. I had misplaced my belly band for a week or so! I have been wearing it again for the past few days! It really helps!

Wondering where SPRING is! We have had rain, wind and snow! (thats why I'm glad soccer practices are over!)

Relieved to have purged many things from our house! Toys, clothes, household goods and more that we don't need or use!

Happy that Hubby helped with the project so it would go quick!

Nesting! I have already washed and packed my "bring baby home bag"!
I have some blue and purple things in my bag!

Dreaming of a little baby butt in these cute cloth diapers! (this is only part of my stash! :)
You can go here to see more of my diaper stash!

Thinking about wheather we will add a boy or a girl to our family?

Enjoying my library books on birth and such! (I have about 7 books checked out.......like I really think I can read them all) lol hee hee!

Looking forward to my 7th grade son's band concert this week! He plays flute!

Enjoyed my 4th grade son's orcastra concert last week!

Thankful for daily naptime,for Olivia and I!

Loving to watch Olivia sleep! She is just precious! I don't want to move her and her sister out into their room! :) It makes me sad! But we need to when the new baby arrives!

I love waking up with her near by....I love to stare at her long dark eye lashes and the curves of her face! She is just beautiful! sigh****

Thrilled that my OB is really caring and has gone above and beyond for me!

At peace knowing my NaPro Doc has my progesterone managed! I get a blood test every 2 weeks and my levels droped, so he put me on a higher dose! The week prior I thought I was in preterm labor!
Maybe thats why I wanted to pack my baby bag!???

I'm not due until mid June! I have about 12 weeks left. It has really gone by fast!

Have a wonderful day!

Peace and Love,


  1. Yep - I'm wondering where Spring is too!! I am sure hoping the forecasters are right and the sun comes out this weekend - but you know - where we are I'd better not get my hopes up too high! Lucky you - decluttering - I need to go through stuff too - but we'll be doing it in a few weeks as we are going through some room shifts - Esther and Naomi are in our room still so it's crowded here - soon though we will doing a big shift and then the declutter will happen :)

    No preterm labor young lady!!! I am so glad your doctor is keeping a close eye on things! When is your due date? Super cute diapers - I just do the plain old fashioned white diaper with pins and nylon covers - boring - but economical :)- I can't wait to know if a sweet little lady or a little man will be joining your clan!!


  2. Hi Georgiann,
    Sorry it has been a while since I left a comment but I'm keeping up with your posts and all the news you have been sharing about your pregnancy.
    I'm very happy to hear that all is going well and solutions are being found for the hormonal issues. One of my favourite things about pregnancy is nesting. It just feels like the right thing to do to prepare your home for the arrival of a new baby. It's very natural and a God given instinct don't you think? Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated when your warm weather finally arrives. When I was pregnant with my twins I read that drinking lots of water could help to avoid an early preterm labour which is a real possibility when carrying twins so I went everywhere with my water bottle in hand. I made it to 38 weeks and had 2 very healthy girls. Apart from swollen ankles and heartburn, I felt really good during that pregnancy and looking back I'm now convinced it was keeping myself so well hydrated that made all the difference. I need to remind myself to drink water during the day when I am not pregnant! We had such a humid summer and I felt zapped some days and knew it was forgetting to drink enough fluids.
    Such cute diapers (or nappies as we call them!) I particularly like the blue and brown designs on the left. The polka dots would look equally cute on a boy or girl!
    Keep yourself well and rested as much as possible as you enter the last trimester. Blessings to you and your lovely family.

    1. Hi Ann,

      I too carry a water bottle every where I go to stay hydrated! Our hot weather most likey will not arrive until after baby gets here!
      We have had a LONG COLD winter!

      When I feel like contrations are starting up
      (most likey Braxton Hicks) I drink a ton of water,empty my bladder and lay down for a bit!
      I usually feel better afterwards.

      If my progesterone drops fast or goes to low it could cause pre-term labor. But so far things have been better since my NaPro Doc raised my dose of progesterone!

      I'm really enjoying this part of my pregnancy!
      Feeling the baby kick and having the kiddos see and feel my tummy is just so fun!
      I wish it could last forever.....its just so magical!

  3. Christine,
    Nice to have you back in the bloggin world! You were missed! :) I have 12 weeks left but will most likely be induced in 11 weeks! My last 3 babies were all over 10#. Olivia my last baby was induced 4 days early and was 10#11oz. my largest so far!
    My diabetic #'s have been high for the 1 hour test but normal for the 3hour in my last 3 pregnancies. I'm waiting on the test result of this last 3 hr.

    I too use prefold diapers with covers!
    But got a few "eazy" diapers for hubby and the grandma's to use!


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