Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting Ready For Fall~

I replaced this white closet style cabinet with a more functional cubby style shelf to house ALL my home school stuff!
My favorite white cabinet has been in my pantry...the living room now maybe in the girls room?
What a mess... You need what? From in there? OK I'm sure I can find it...just give me a minute!I know its in here some where?! LOL

Little Jackie(3) helped me put the cherry wood shelves together. She handed me the dowels and screws and slid the shelves on! She really knew what she was doing!

The shelves are made by Closet Maid and sold at Target....I bought 2 of them a while back and put them side by side. You can check out my older posts here.
My goal is to have the walls of the living room filled with this style of book case. I have 4 so far.
This time I used 2 units and stacked them...there are dowels to hold them from sliding. You will need to bolt the shelf to the wall for safety if you stack them. You don't want a toddler to pull the whole thing over!

I love the cubby style. It allows for the shelves to be better organized and the books don't topple over. I have a cubby for learning games and one for art. There is a different cubby for each subject! Each person also gets a cubby for their workbooks!

I had several small books shelves around the house filled with home school stuff...I was able to marry all the home school things into one central location.
It feels so good see what all we had....and get my plan in order for next fall!
I will be homeschooling Jackie(4) and Noah(7) next year. Olivia will be 2 in the fall and will be learning as well! Little ones are always learning!

Do you have your game plan for fall? It will be here before you know it!

Have an AWESOME day!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Its always fun to do chores with a helper....right? Especially a 3 year old that asks 100 questions in 5 minutes time, while you are trying to remember what your doing!

There are more Wordless Wednesdays to check out over at
5 Minutes For Mom.

I pray you are all havin' a good day!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Sonic...Is Now Open!

Hi Trudy aka Grasshopper! You are the best blog friend ever!
I went to the GRAND OPENING OF SONIC today and bought you a Vanilla Diet Coke Slush! Enjoy!
Thanks for being such an AWESOME blog friend!

Elvis was out on the curb were lining up! It was a great time!

Every car got a post it note with the time written on it then directed to one of 6 lines!

The wait was about 1 hour.

We got to watch one roller skater wipe out with a tray full of food and drinks!

We got to watch people get mad when the guy let the wrong row of cars go! Two managers had to figure out how to calm the people and what row of cars should go next!

The girls and I were soaking it ALL in...while listening to Jackies new favorite CD Morning with MOZART.(from Target) The people watching was terrific! We did not mind the wait! was funny to watch the people that got to eat in a car hop stall. They would drive out of the parking lot with BIG grins on their faces as they looked over at ALL the cars still waiting there turn! One lady stuck her tongue out! People crack me up!

We have a roller skater down...I repeat we have a skater down!Picture of the dropped tray in parking lot! What a mess...

We finally got to order at drive up window and the lady started to hand me 2 foot long chili dogs....I told her that we had not order them. She said, she could not serve them to anybody else because they were partly in my car. I could keep them or they would go in the trash! So I was able to take the boys home an after school snack! ($7.00's in FREE food!)

Jarett(14) my oldest son was at after school baseball and had to miss out on the eats! When he got home he begged me to drive him there to get something...the answer was no! It was fun only once on opening day! We will go in a month or so when the hoopla wears off!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weeds And Wildflowers!

The girls and I went out to plant wildflower seeds!
The plan was to pull weeds,rake up the ground a bit,then sprinkle the seeds!

While I picked the weeds from the flower bed the girls had fun pickin'
the "flowers" for my bouquet.
Jackie was puzzled as to why I was pulling up her dandelion plants roots and all from my flower beds! She said,they were not weeds! So after a few minutes of explaining she was ok with it and we were all back to work!

Well it was another successful day in the yard!

Happy girls with dirty feet and faces,getting along with each other.
Diggin dirt & pickin' flowers!
Planting seeds and cultivating the earth (and love in my children).
Listening to the birds chirp and watching robins collect worms.
Feeling the warm sun on our face...not a rain cloud in the sky!

As we are getting ready to head in for a snack and some rest,Jackie quickly runs to the milk box on the porch (where the kids hide bugs and stuff). Our Milkman has been surprized a few times at what was in the box!
She pulls out the yellow "flower" bouquet and hands it to me and says "I love you mom". My heart just melted like a pat of butter!

These little yellow "flowers" seem to bring so much JOY to mom's all over the USA.... so who's to say its really a weed? Right....?

Well have a beautiful day!
I will see ya all tomorrow!


Friday, April 24, 2009


Mothers Day 2009

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There is a giveaway going on over at 5 Minutes For Mom's blog!
There is a giveaway everyday from April 22- Saturday May 9,2009.
Winners will be announced Sunday May 10,2009.
So go check out the details of all the prizes and how to enter!


The Dandelion Dance~

Last weekend I saw a lone dandelion in my patio with my camera in hand I told Jackie(3) to pick it.
That was all it took to get my barefoot flower child to start dancing for the camera! I was so filled with utter JOY that I started to cry. I'm tearing up right now! Jackie has such a free spirit!

Don't you see that children are God's best gift?
the fruit of the womb his generous legacy?
Like a warrior's fistful of arrows
are the children of a vigorous youth.
Oh, how blessed are you parents,
with your quivers full of children!
Your enemies don't stand a chance against you;
you'll sweep them right off your doorstep.
Psalm 127:3-5 (MSG)

Now that the dance is done its time to run barefoot across the warm pavement! She just loves to feel the wind in her hair and the earth under her feet! Jackie is a bubbly girl so full of life!
Just looking at her makes me so HAPPY! She brings much JOY to my heart!

God is good to me. That is why I give him thanks and praise! He has truly blessed me beyond my wildest dreams!

I am totally amazed at the talent of ALL my kiddos. My daughter Jackie was so happy to dance for me! WOW! I love that girl!

Well...have an Awesome weekend.... and thanks for stoppin' by my blog!

My weekend will be full of tea parties,baseball games and church...maybe some backyard relaxation! (and sorting and reorganizing my home school stuff and putting together some new shelves.) I plan to home school Noah next year!

What is everyone else doing this weekend? Leave me a comment! I love hearing from you all and I love to make new blog friends! So don't be shy....say Hi!

Remember your children are one of God's finest blessings!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baseball Time!

Noah loves to play baseball...and our girls love when Noah plays baseball because they get to play at the playground!

I have the time of my life taking pictures! I enjoy the snap the picture at the perfect moment. Getting a quick action picture can be tricky but I did it!
I love to see the joy on my sons face as me and the other moms cheer for him!

The weather was nice and the girls were beggin' to go to the play ground!
It can be tiring for a mom to balance play ground time for the girls and watching Noah practice. Some how I seem to manage! I know these days won't last forever!

I usually bring a blanket, a bag of toys and a few snacks to keep them occupied. That works for only about 10 mintutes or so and Jackie(3) is off to climb the highest piece of playground equipement with Olivia (19mo.) close behind her!

Some important things to pack along (or just stock the car)for any warm weather activity:

FIRST-AID KIT (bandages,Neosporin,Mortin or Tylenol reg & JR)
BENADRYL TABS (for bee stings)
UMBERELLA (for sun or rain)
BUCKETS AND SHOVELS (to dig with at the park,collect roadside berries in,or sea shells at the beach)
A LIGHT SWEATER OR JACKET FOR EVERYONE (in case you are out late)
SPIPPY CUP FOR BABY (we don't want a dehydrated baby)I bought a package of toss and goes.

Our family is always on the go when the weather is nice. We do many improptu (last minute) things. We change direction with the wind on really hot and sunny days! We are always (well most of the time) prepared...or try to be anyway!

Happy Baseball to all~


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I pray the dog does not think he can lay in my garden AFTER the seeds go in! I wonder if he will know? LOL

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Man's Hands~

The condition of a persons hand can tell a lot about a person....

My man's hands are rough and weathered....
they work hard for his family and for the love and service of others!

My Man's Hands:)

Works with hammer and nails (he is a carpenter)
Gives great massages
Holds stories as he reads to the kiddos
Holds the shovel as he digs in the garden
Puts Neosporin and a bandage on a child's scraped knee
Brings me a cup of coffee
Tries to make a ponytail in the girls hair....hee hee
Clears the table after dinner
Lights the candles for a romantic dinner (even if all the kiddos are there).LOL
Scrubs my kitchen floors before we have company
Picks the Blackberries that are to high for me to reach
Holds my hand and prays with me
Scratches the dogs ears
Tucks the kiddos into bed
Builds a fire on a cold night
Carries things in from the car that are to heavy for me to lift
Pushes the play button on the DVD player when the remote is lost!
Tends to the BBQ meats so they don't burn
Kills large spiders that make their way into the house (like last night)
He carries the kiddos up to bed that fall asleep down stairs
He changes diapers
Washes and Fixes the cars
Mows the lawn
Moves large pieces of furniture around the house(and moves them again when I change my mind! LOL)
Helps a friend move
Holds a sleeping baby
Fixes a flat tire on the kids bike
Builds planter boxes
Remodels bathrooms and other rooms all by himself!
Gives great hugs and love....
oh did I tell you he
Gives GREAT hugs and love!

The man attached to the hands is a great father and wonderful husband! He is a hard worker and provides for us all (with the Lords help)
We love and appreciate all he does for us!

Lord give success to the work of our hands,guide us in all that we do!

Jackie(3) told me her dad uses his hands to put on a show for her and lifted her up high to see the parade.
He gets me chocolate milk....and medicine when I don't feel good,says Jackie with her squeaky little voice! I love my daddy! He gives me his hankie to dry my tears when I get hurt.

I give my husband love and respect! He is not perfect....but he's pretty darn close!

Blessings and Love,

Sunday, April 19, 2009


A baby deep in thought....Olivia IS a smart one! She is just starting to really talk and put her sass together! I love to watch her personality bloom...each day is a new adventure with her! She is a true JOY! I love to take pictures and witness her as she seeks and discovers her world! I love seeing the light bulb turn on as she trys to figure out things!

I love taking pictures of ALL my family....I have a few I will share in the up coming week! I cryed while taking them....I am a big baby! The Lord is good....very good!

Im having a blessed and happy weekend~

The morning coffee is ready and the sun is out....the birds are a chirpin' so I will see you all tommorrow!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Love This Girl!

Have a great weekend!


I'm nurseing her(Olivia 18mo.) while on the computer and she is trying to sing this song!
La la la la lalalaalaa! So sweet! (New Soul)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow~

I'm having a sweet day!

The sun is out and the girls and I did a bit of gardening....

I just love a sleeping baby! Don't you?

We transplanted broccoli, cauliflower,several types of lettuce,tomatoes,English peas and some herbs! What a fun time!

God is good!
Thank you for this day.

My garden grows....with my kiddos in the backyard.....diggin' in the dirt,drinkin' lemonade....eating PB&J sandwiches on a blanket in the grass filled with dandelions!

In just a bit Noah(6) has his first baseball practice! I can't wait to show him a few new things I bought him today to make his 1st practice special!

How does your garden grow?