Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday....The Aftermath Of A Busy Weekend!

Most Monday's I feel flat like a house is a complete disaster! Coming out of a holiday weekend I get especially tired! There is a lot of catch up work to do.

Mondays feel long and tiring! After a FUN and BUSY weekend its time to get things back in order! The rest of my week will run smoothly when the work is caught up!

To Do List
6 load of laundry,3 loads of dishes,2 bags of trash to take out and a bunch of decluttering! The kiddos can do the recycles and vacuum when they get home!

I almost had a Monday with out coffee! I ran out this weekend...having had company and all.
I found a sample of coffee in my tea stash! Score! Thank you God! Now its time to get to work!

So after a one more cup of will be time to start!

Out my window the rain comes down!

Our state IS known for rain and coffee....and more rain!

See you all tomorrow!

I pray you all had a blessed weekend!

I sure did...even though our egg hunt had to take place indoors because if non stop rain!



  1. I love Seattle's Best coffee and yes the rain is headed our way in a little while - so much rain yesterday!! Catching up for us too!

  2. Thanks for coming by...I pray we will be blog friends!
    Talk to you later~


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