Thursday, April 9, 2009

Praying In The Garden~

Today I will be praying in the garden with Jesus...I will read scripture and reflect on how my Lenten journey has gone. I will cry and thank Jesus for giving his life for us!

Tonight our family will go to a Foot Washing service and Mass at Church. We will wash each others feet.

Mary Magdalene washed the feet of Jesus with her hair in the days before he died.
Jesus also washed the feet of his 12 Disciples.
Tonight I will reflect on how I can "wash" the feet of others!

The dessert in the picture can be found on my recipe blog The Rustic Kitchen.
My Jackie(3) made the biscuits and strawberries with very little help! So go over and see her in action!



  1. Ah, your family life sounds so wonderfully warm and busy. We are still muddling through this nasty cold we've had going on for 2 weeks now. Sigh. At least I escaped all the nasty stuff over the winter!! Anyway, have a blessed Easter!! Kris

  2. Hi Kris,
    My family has been fighting this cold too. (Well just the two girls)
    Knock on wood!

    I pray you all are feeling better soon!


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