Monday, April 20, 2009

My Man's Hands~

The condition of a persons hand can tell a lot about a person....

My man's hands are rough and weathered....
they work hard for his family and for the love and service of others!

My Man's Hands:)

Works with hammer and nails (he is a carpenter)
Gives great massages
Holds stories as he reads to the kiddos
Holds the shovel as he digs in the garden
Puts Neosporin and a bandage on a child's scraped knee
Brings me a cup of coffee
Tries to make a ponytail in the girls hair....hee hee
Clears the table after dinner
Lights the candles for a romantic dinner (even if all the kiddos are there).LOL
Scrubs my kitchen floors before we have company
Picks the Blackberries that are to high for me to reach
Holds my hand and prays with me
Scratches the dogs ears
Tucks the kiddos into bed
Builds a fire on a cold night
Carries things in from the car that are to heavy for me to lift
Pushes the play button on the DVD player when the remote is lost!
Tends to the BBQ meats so they don't burn
Kills large spiders that make their way into the house (like last night)
He carries the kiddos up to bed that fall asleep down stairs
He changes diapers
Washes and Fixes the cars
Mows the lawn
Moves large pieces of furniture around the house(and moves them again when I change my mind! LOL)
Helps a friend move
Holds a sleeping baby
Fixes a flat tire on the kids bike
Builds planter boxes
Remodels bathrooms and other rooms all by himself!
Gives great hugs and love....
oh did I tell you he
Gives GREAT hugs and love!

The man attached to the hands is a great father and wonderful husband! He is a hard worker and provides for us all (with the Lords help)
We love and appreciate all he does for us!

Lord give success to the work of our hands,guide us in all that we do!

Jackie(3) told me her dad uses his hands to put on a show for her and lifted her up high to see the parade.
He gets me chocolate milk....and medicine when I don't feel good,says Jackie with her squeaky little voice! I love my daddy! He gives me his hankie to dry my tears when I get hurt.

I give my husband love and respect! He is not perfect....but he's pretty darn close!

Blessings and Love,


  1. I like that a lot!!! Hope your little ones are feeling better!!

  2. Ahhhh. I hope he reads your blog so he knows how much he is loved and appreciated. What a nice Husband and Daddy


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