Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~

Quick...Get The Duct Tape! not for the kids! fix the door!

Apollo we have a problem!!

Yes....this is my van!

Olivia is in her car seat in the back. My teenage son was sitting in the back next to her and was having trouble getting the door closed. (it might have had something to do with the plastic spoon,pencil and lollipop stick down in the track of the sliding door!) but who's to say? ;} LOL

At least we were at home when the door derailed! Some of the door was still attached
so it was tricky trying to get the baby and her car seat out. We switched vans and we were off! (To the Seder Supper a few weeks ago)!

Today I have a new problem.... I can't see with out my glasses......and some how my eye glasses have disappeared!

So even though it is rainy and over cast out......I must wear my prescription sun glasses! I look like a fool!

Has anyone seen my glasses? EEKKKK! This isn't funny!


Editor note after posting: My Hubby called mid day and told me that my glasses were in is pajamas pants. I know what your thinking LOL......but they really were. Apparently the baby took them off the night table while I was in the bathroom washing up for the night. So he put them in his PJ's. Thankfully no one stepped on them!


  1. YIKES ! You're right it's a good thing you were home !!

  2. This sounds like a day in my life!! While I haven't had my van doors fall off in a while (giggle!!), I lose my glasses all of the time!! Daily and even hourly. They are only reading glasses and I have 10 pairs but you know how it is??? Our little guy is always "putting them up" for me. ;-) Gotta love all that help!! Feels good to know that I'm not the only mommy who is blessed with such a crazy but wonderful life!! Blessings!! Kris

  3. ROFLOL...just the picture of it made me laugh! Sorry, couldn't help myself!

  4. You're right Georgiann - a good laugh. It looks pretty bad, hopefully fixable without being too costly. Had to laugh at the lollipop, spoon, pencil in the track - sounds like my car. Sometimes I tell my kids we look like we're living in a van down by the river.

    The glasses now that's hilarious - the things you can always laugh about later. I was just in a frenzy trying to find my nieces shoes. They spend a couple days with us and for the life of me I can't find the shoes she came with (just her flip flops). Wonder if her parents will let her visit again? :)

  5. I laughed when I saw this picture - not about the door (it might be mean to laugh at that :0)!! I really was laughing at the cup in the driveway next to the car. Do things fall out of your car when you open the door? I'm embarrassed to say that we really drive a garbage can disguised as a van?

  6. Mom Of Lots~

    You have a very good eye! Yes...that is a cup from my van....if a gust of wind would have come by....oh Lordie!

    Have you ever see The Red Green Show? We sometime call my van the Possium. If you have not see the show you won't know what I mean...but it is a Canadian Show.

    Thanks for coming by...
    "talk" to you soon!

  7. I don't mean to laugh so much, Georgiann, but this really was kinda comical!
    How is that van door now?
    Oh my! Hugs!

  8. The van door keeps comin' off we have to be very careful...the track got bent:(
    I have been drivin a van we just bought from some new friends.
    Its a 97 Nissan Quest but it only seats 7 and we are a family of 8.

    Its all good....I'm glad you got a good is funny!

    If you don't have a sense of humor
    life will take you down!


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