Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting Ready For Fall~

I replaced this white closet style cabinet with a more functional cubby style shelf to house ALL my home school stuff!
My favorite white cabinet has been in my pantry...the living room now maybe in the girls room?
What a mess... You need what? From in there? OK I'm sure I can find it...just give me a minute!I know its in here some where?! LOL

Little Jackie(3) helped me put the cherry wood shelves together. She handed me the dowels and screws and slid the shelves on! She really knew what she was doing!

The shelves are made by Closet Maid and sold at Target....I bought 2 of them a while back and put them side by side. You can check out my older posts here.
My goal is to have the walls of the living room filled with this style of book case. I have 4 so far.
This time I used 2 units and stacked them...there are dowels to hold them from sliding. You will need to bolt the shelf to the wall for safety if you stack them. You don't want a toddler to pull the whole thing over!

I love the cubby style. It allows for the shelves to be better organized and the books don't topple over. I have a cubby for learning games and one for art. There is a different cubby for each subject! Each person also gets a cubby for their workbooks!

I had several small books shelves around the house filled with home school stuff...I was able to marry all the home school things into one central location.
It feels so good see what all we had....and get my plan in order for next fall!
I will be homeschooling Jackie(4) and Noah(7) next year. Olivia will be 2 in the fall and will be learning as well! Little ones are always learning!

Do you have your game plan for fall? It will be here before you know it!

Have an AWESOME day!



  1. Georgiann,
    Lookin' good!!! Don't you love it when things look so neat and tidy??? Nevermind that it only lasts a couple of hours!! ;-) My DH sells and installs closet organizers and laminate systems. But alas, you know how the plumber's pipes leak and the mechanic's cars don't run... Sigh. At least he isn't a mechanic anymore!! Giggle. Anyway, we school year round and take off whenever we need. I LOVE fall school preps and feeling the newness of it all. Normally we clean out stuff each season and plan for the next "quarter". It's so much better when you can see all the cool stuff you have too isn't it? Blessings!! Kris

  2. Hi Georgiann,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words....your children are adorable...your blog is friendly and warm....I love the open cubbies....I'm one that needs to see it all so I don't forget what I have!
    Be well, Laura

  3. I love the cubbies what a great idea:)

  4. I must have missed this post...and are you sure you didn't take that picture in MY house? (the BEFORE pic that is!) The AFTER looks great! I am in the midst of reorganizing nearly everything in my house, so this is inspiration!

    And, I did have trouble loading your page, but if I kept hitting the back button after IE told me it needed to abort, I could eventually load it and read. Don't know if it is an IE problem or a blogspot issue.


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