Monday, April 27, 2009

Sonic...Is Now Open!

Hi Trudy aka Grasshopper! You are the best blog friend ever!
I went to the GRAND OPENING OF SONIC today and bought you a Vanilla Diet Coke Slush! Enjoy!
Thanks for being such an AWESOME blog friend!

Elvis was out on the curb were lining up! It was a great time!

Every car got a post it note with the time written on it then directed to one of 6 lines!

The wait was about 1 hour.

We got to watch one roller skater wipe out with a tray full of food and drinks!

We got to watch people get mad when the guy let the wrong row of cars go! Two managers had to figure out how to calm the people and what row of cars should go next!

The girls and I were soaking it ALL in...while listening to Jackies new favorite CD Morning with MOZART.(from Target) The people watching was terrific! We did not mind the wait! was funny to watch the people that got to eat in a car hop stall. They would drive out of the parking lot with BIG grins on their faces as they looked over at ALL the cars still waiting there turn! One lady stuck her tongue out! People crack me up!

We have a roller skater down...I repeat we have a skater down!Picture of the dropped tray in parking lot! What a mess...

We finally got to order at drive up window and the lady started to hand me 2 foot long chili dogs....I told her that we had not order them. She said, she could not serve them to anybody else because they were partly in my car. I could keep them or they would go in the trash! So I was able to take the boys home an after school snack! ($7.00's in FREE food!)

Jarett(14) my oldest son was at after school baseball and had to miss out on the eats! When he got home he begged me to drive him there to get something...the answer was no! It was fun only once on opening day! We will go in a month or so when the hoopla wears off!



  1. Where's my slush man? Goodness sake I was laughing out loud reading, "we have a skater down, repeat, we have a skater down!" That's quite an eventful experience. Let me give you a little hope as a Sonic Enthusiast - it gets easier, much easier. Thanks for the fun. I hope you enjoyed my diet vanilla coke slush.

    Who says life as a SAHM isn't exciting?!

  2. I'm glad to make you smile!
    Thanks for not thinkin' I'm weird!
    It was great fun! but I actually got a watermelon slush!

    I do really mean it with ALL my heart when I say Thanks for being my blog friend!

    If we ever get to meet in the real world I will buy you that Diet Vanilla Coke slush!(If you let me borrow those purple hand warmers! LOL hee hee giggle giggle!



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