Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow~

I'm having a sweet day!

The sun is out and the girls and I did a bit of gardening....

I just love a sleeping baby! Don't you?

We transplanted broccoli, cauliflower,several types of lettuce,tomatoes,English peas and some herbs! What a fun time!

God is good!
Thank you for this day.

My garden grows....with my kiddos in the backyard.....diggin' in the dirt,drinkin' lemonade....eating PB&J sandwiches on a blanket in the grass filled with dandelions!

In just a bit Noah(6) has his first baseball practice! I can't wait to show him a few new things I bought him today to make his 1st practice special!

How does your garden grow?



  1. Son #3 and I weeded the strawberries yesterday. Peas are coming along nicely--so tiny still but beautiful and frilly. Cabbage and cauliflower was battered by rain last weekend and looking a little sad right now. Garlic is looking awesome!! Hardening off my seedlings and itching to get my tomatoes and stuff in!! Son #4 was moaning about how he wishes he could keep up with his garden space better this year. ;-) He loves the idea of a garden but not the work!! But he's only 10 so what do you expect?? Giggle. Blessings! Kris

  2. Trying for several weeks to plant some tomatoes. You've inspired me, maybe tomorrow is the day (my problem is always tomorrow and not today) Keep us posted on your "fruitful harvest" :)

  3. Gardening - therapy from God!! Nothing is as wonderful as feeling dirt under your fingers with your children next to you exclaiming over the earthworms!! I planted my hanging baskets today - I will plant my veggie garden very soon!!

  4. This weekend hubby and one of my boys finished my other garden box and halled the dirt over to it. I still need to buy and add some compost.(I need to make a bin to start my own compost pile!)

    I will plant my root garden next week! Carrots,radishes,beets,onions.

    I them need to get the large bed ready for corn,beans,pumpkins and cucumbers.

    Happy Gardening!


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