Sunday, April 19, 2009


A baby deep in thought....Olivia IS a smart one! She is just starting to really talk and put her sass together! I love to watch her personality bloom...each day is a new adventure with her! She is a true JOY! I love to take pictures and witness her as she seeks and discovers her world! I love seeing the light bulb turn on as she trys to figure out things!

I love taking pictures of ALL my family....I have a few I will share in the up coming week! I cryed while taking them....I am a big baby! The Lord is good....very good!

Im having a blessed and happy weekend~

The morning coffee is ready and the sun is out....the birds are a chirpin' so I will see you all tommorrow!


  1. Still waiting for the sun here but it's nice enough to go out without a jacket so we'll take it!! It was so nice to go to church without the armloads of coats, scarves and baby blankets!! Love your little one's hat!!! Blessed Sunday to you!!

  2. Thanks for stoppin' by~
    I got the hat for $4.00 at Walmart!

  3. LOL, she just kills me in that hat. What a cutie!

  4. She's a darling, yes you are blessed. I miss that age...of course I don't feel now that I appreciated it as much as I should have. The baby is always such a joy (I'm was one ;)


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