Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Night Out!~

I love the music from this movie....the theme song is so relaxing and the scenes are breath taking... I hope you enjoy the music video! You can click on scenes from the movie when the clip is over!

{Please remember to silence my play list}

Tomorrow my best girl friend is taking me out for dinner and to see a play...
(On Golden Pond)! Its a late birthday gift to me! My birthday was back in September.

I know I will have a great time but already miss my youngest daughter Olivia(18 mo.)...and I have not even left yet!
She still breast feeds and sleeps in our bed! I won't be home until 12 mid night or so and I wonder if she will be able to sleep until I get home?

I feel like such an old lady! I'm not used to being out at night.... not even with my husband! I love to just snuggle in with my family. I feel safe and secure being at home especially at night! The whole thing has be nervous. I pray I will be able to relax and enjoy myself!

My friend and I are going to eat dinner at The Bombay Bistro! Its about a 1 hr. drive into the city. I'm very excited.... I have always wanted to try an authentic Indian food restaurant!

After dinner we will go to the Little Theater to see the play "On Golden Pond". I rented the movie yesterday and watched it last night. What a touching movie! I really recommend it. Its about love and growing will make you cry! I saw the movie when it first came out back in 1981! I was in 7th grade!

It will be interesting to see how they make it into a play! I can't wait! I love a good play!

My weekend will be busy and full! It includes working in the garden (rain or snow) LOL and a Seder Supper at the church Saturday night! And Church on Sunday morning!



  1. Georgiann,
    Just doing a bit of catching up!! It used to be hard for me to leave my little ones at home too but as they've gotten older it's gotten easier. They enjoy the "free" time!! Anyway, I'm still having a hard time posting on my blog since my computer is still down. Hoping to get it all fixed soon!! Anyway... Hope you have a great time!! Blessings!! Kris

  2. Thanks for coming by! I have missed you! I will pray your computer gets fixed we came visit more often!


  3. How was your evening?
    I'm not used to it either....because the same story as you :o)

    Happy easterdays!

  4. Thanks for stoppin' by Maureen~

    My evening went great...I will try to post some pictures later today or tomorrow!
    I had a busy weekend and lots of pictures I want to share!

    Happy Easter!



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