Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weeds And Wildflowers!

The girls and I went out to plant wildflower seeds!
The plan was to pull weeds,rake up the ground a bit,then sprinkle the seeds!

While I picked the weeds from the flower bed the girls had fun pickin'
the "flowers" for my bouquet.
Jackie was puzzled as to why I was pulling up her dandelion plants roots and all from my flower beds! She said,they were not weeds! So after a few minutes of explaining she was ok with it and we were all back to work!

Well it was another successful day in the yard!

Happy girls with dirty feet and faces,getting along with each other.
Diggin dirt & pickin' flowers!
Planting seeds and cultivating the earth (and love in my children).
Listening to the birds chirp and watching robins collect worms.
Feeling the warm sun on our face...not a rain cloud in the sky!

As we are getting ready to head in for a snack and some rest,Jackie quickly runs to the milk box on the porch (where the kids hide bugs and stuff). Our Milkman has been surprized a few times at what was in the box!
She pulls out the yellow "flower" bouquet and hands it to me and says "I love you mom". My heart just melted like a pat of butter!

These little yellow "flowers" seem to bring so much JOY to mom's all over the USA.... so who's to say its really a weed? Right....?

Well have a beautiful day!
I will see ya all tomorrow!


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  1. That's a great way to do it. When you have lemons make lemonade. Pull up a weed, plant wildflowers, and make a bouquet from the dandelions. That's one way to get the children to pick weeds without complaining. They're cute little decked-out gardeners.


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