Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Traditional Seder Supper~

Olivia was having a fun time with the scarf! She played with it for most of the Supper!

Nick was a great reader! He was really diggin' the grape juice in the wine glass!

Though our family is Catholic our church had a Jewish Rabbi come lead us all in a traditional Seder Supper!
All my kiddos really enjoyed it! Nick(9) helped with reading. It was neat to feel and live out history! There were traditional foods as well as other stuff. It was a pot-faith.
A wonderful time was had by all!

Have a prayerful Holy Week!


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  1. The really neat thing about doing a Seder at church is that Jesus was a Jew and did this very same thing, at this very time of year. It puts a whole new meaning on WWJD!

    Thanks for posting the pictures, I really enjoyed looking at them!


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