Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Lovely Sunday~Part 5

Thanks for coming by to see my final post in my series entitled Our Lovely Sunday ~
Last Sunday our family managed to have a day filled with sunshine, peace and togetherness!
If you are just joining me for the first time, you can read ALL 5 of my post under this one to see what  our family did last Sunday~
Our family loves to be out in nature when we can.
My prayers go out to those Eastcoasters that are expirienceing large volumes of snow this year! 
Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had a mild winter this year.....our cherry blossoms are in bloom and the sun is out today!

God is Good~

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Peace and Love,

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  1. Just caught up with with your lovely Sunday posts. Looks like everyone had a lovely time. The Lake looks just beautiful but I'm guessing the water is cold!


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