Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Lovely Sunday~ Part 1

We are member of a Wild Life Park......its right in our own back yard so to speak!
So this past Sunday Hubby and I decided to load up our family (except our oldest son, who was at a hunger retreat) and head to the park! The weather here was sunny but cool.....we had a bit of spring fever going on!
 With 40 mintutes before our tram would leave to take us in the free roaming area......
 we had time for the bathrooms and a quick visit to the Discovery Cabin!
The Discovery Cabin has computers,crafts, a reading corner and small amimals ie: frogs,snakes salamanders,bees etc.
There are animal pelts and other things to touch and see!
The cabin is quit large...the last picture only shows 1/3 of the size of its total size!
Stay tuned for Part 2 of our LOVELY SUNDAY .......pictures of the AWESOME scenery and animals!

You know your a homeschool family when......
ALL your kids say they want to stay longer and discover more things in the cabin~

Peace and Love,


  1. Looks like a great way to spend a Sunday...enjoying His creation. :)

  2. I thought I had posted to you recently. Hmm???
    Anyway, hope you and yours are doing well..looks like you all are. :) I so enjoy your posts and thanks for the link about Catholic Icing..how cute that is! I love your music too. Wish I knew how to put up more on mine, but Alexa does, so I'm gonna send her a list soon of more for my blog and she'll probably do it. She's nice and helpful to me. Anyway, love to see you all..you always brighten my day and give me good ideas. Hugs!


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