Monday, September 29, 2008

The Taste Of Blackberries

This weekend we went up to a secret place in the mountains to pick the last of the seasons blackberries. We all had a great time. The fresh air and the shear beauty of the land was amazing. It reminds me of the early days of our country.. when the west was won. The drive to get there is only 20 minutes from our house...but its like going back in time. I love all the old barns and farmhouses I get to see on the drive. The whole experience makes my heart glow and I tingle all over. I could feel the love of God all around.The day was beautiful. I wrote that one in my happy book. I will be writing a post soon all about my happy book,so stay tuned.

I really liked to watch the camaraderie of All the kiddos,seeing the family work together as we picked the berries. The older ones helping the younger ones. The joys of a large family....Awesome.

After the berry picking we went to a small Mexican restaurant for nachos and bean dip. We all had water and the bill was only $15.00. The kiddos liked going "out to eat".We all had full bellies for cheap.

When we got home we made a really yummy dessert. I found a recipe website with nothing but BLACKBERRY stuff. We made the Mountain Blackberry Pie.

Peace and Prayers,


  1. ` The setting is beautiful...but more beautiful is appreciating God's gift of nature, family, and an inexpensive treat. I'm the youngest of six and remember those special times when we were all together.

  2. Hey Trudy~

    I have "talked" to you in other treads but never commented to you here~
    Thank you for your blog friendship~

    Peace, Georgiann


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