Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Goodbye Until Next Time.....

Well my husbands parents left this morning. We all had a wonderful visit together. Jackie and Olivia really bonded with Papa. It was fun to watch their relationship grow over the last 2 weeks.

Jarett ,Jacob and Nick had fun playing cards and board games in the moter home (our spareroom) with Grandma. LOL. Its a 1970 Winnobago.
Noah liked practicing his reading with Grandma. She was a big help with all the kids and their homework. Grandma and Papa helped also with evening sports schedule.Thank You!!

A big THANK YOU to Papa for eating the stuffed zucchini with no complains or grumbling. LOL Grandma did ok too. I don't think my dear husband liked it to well. The kids did not fair well either. I think they should learn to be more appriecative of our neighbor Jim's bountiful harvest of squash......maybe I will cook it again.... not. Maybe I will make zucchini bread? That sounds better.
Well I think we created some good memories and a few funny stories to talk about when we all see each other again. Have a safe trip home! God has truly blessed us with a great family!
Peace in Christ,

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