Monday, September 8, 2008

Then The Tears Came..

Well I finally learned how to take pictures from our digital camera and put them on the computer, so I could put some on my blog. My MIL Shirley helped me and we put ALL 940 pics. on the computer. We should have learned sooner how it all worked but with the boys sport schedule and 6 kids, we needed a few minutes LOL.

I am not homeschooling this year,but when it was just the boys (the older4) I did. We would always go to the State Fair and do all the free stuff and go to the free shows ect..So my husband Carl said "Let the boys skip school and take them with Grandma to the fair. I wanted it to be just the girls,me,and Grandma. Well we all ended up going. I was glad I was obedient because we had a blast...I took sssoooo many pictures of the kids,the pigs, the pioneer farm, some really cool grape vines, oh and all my kids were in the Lets Pretend Farm show. They were ssooo cute all dressed in their costumes.I took so many pictures that the battery went dead. The whole day was a happy time, remembering years past...

Well I bet you are wondering when the tears came down as the title indicated? What putting pics on the computer have to do with the fair? Well I'm about to tell you. I can home and charged my battery,put the battery back in the camera. I then took more pictures of the girls and some really nice ones of all the kids (in one frame) LOL. Some how that night my husband was scrolling through the pics. and every few frames would be red and said" this image can't be diplayed" or something like that. My pictured I wanted where there and told my husband that I would fix it later... well he decided to call the camera company and he told them" my wife and mom down loaded pictures with the camera now it does not work right. Then my husband said "yes" we did ,when NO I DIDN'T! and then in 5 seconds time,while I said wait...took the phone to ask the camera guy some questions..... the photos were GONE FOREVER!!!!! The chip had been reformated,wiped clean. He didn't know that it would wipe everything out!! The pictures from the fair were not saved anyplace. Our day at the fair was gone! My face went white and the tears came down. I cried and cried. My poor husband did not do it on purpose,he felt sssoo bad. He went on line to a site that said they could retreive photos. He followed all the steps,it said there was 10mh or somthing of info. but you had to pay $40.00 so he did ...

We got nothing. Noda. ZIP. Zilch. for the $40.00. My Dad said you can't get stuff from a disc that has been reformated.

So yesterday was a test..was I going to cry all day and miss the church picnic? Was I going to stay mad at the who thing? My husband did not do it to hurt me, I knew that for sure. Well we all went to church and had a wonderful day toghther. We went to the lake and took more pictures.. I still had my kids and my family. God gave me one more day to spend with them,so I was going to do my best to enjoy it. With each new picture taken I felt better and better. I still have our day at the fair eched in my mind-the fun, the joy,the love of the day,it can never be wiped out!

We don't know how long any of us has here on earth, don't take things for granite. So if you have a choice to sit it out or dance.... pick dance.

Remember each day is a gift!


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