Thursday, September 18, 2008

Its My Birthday....

Well I'm another year older~ You can probably guess my age from this picture,if not I'm not tellin'. I'm the baby in this picture,my mom is the older lady. Now I'm all grown up,married with 6 kids. LOL.
Today my sister is taking me out to lunch~and no not to Mc Donald's! Tonight my husband is taking me out for Italian food,one of my favorites. I have a fun day planned hopefully everything goes as scheduled. The girls both have a bad cold and they will be going with us today.
I don't really mind getting older..I don't think to much about it. With 6 kids who has time. Well I'm off for a busy day!
Peace and Love,

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  1. Well seeing your moms horn rimmed glasses, I would have to say you were born some time in the 60's, maybe early 70's because my parents used to wear those type of glasses too back in those years. :)

    I love old photographs...they always tell a story.

    God Bless You!


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