Monday, September 22, 2008

~Fall Is Here~Time To Snuggle In~

Here are the cubby shelves I bought at Target. They are made by Closet Maid and only about $45.00. I think I will get one or 2 more.They can stack or just go side by side. The baskets are sold separately for $5.99, I need to get some more. Each child will have a place for their books. My 11 mo. old will have her board book in one, my first grader will have his easy readers ect.. Now the baby can't rip everything off in one foul swoop! I will post pictures when I get more shelves.
Here are the "dog pillows" I bought from Costco $16.00 each. They are 4ft x 4ft. and smell like cedar. I will use them for our reading corner in the living room~ The kiddos love them.

The rug is 9x7 and was only $99.00

I just love the colors in this rug!

Blessing and Prayers,

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