Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday Free Day @ The Museum

Picking out a cookie at our favorite bakery.....oh the decisions! I think I will have the snowman cookie! Total yummo! Santa sure would love cookies from here!....and a big piece of cake?

Jackie really loved putting together sandwiches in the pretend deli! The floor is a great place to spread everything out! I don't think the health department will care? LOL

The girls are having fun in the art room! Olivia really liked eating the markers and bothering her sister. She had fun making her first piece of art. I totally enjoyed watching both the girls standing at the easel working! Our last trip here Olivia was not she was standing at the easel and running all over. Boy she is growing fast!
Jackie is brilliant with her art work. They both loved trying to put the lids on the markers. It was good watching.....their faces showed deep concentration as they matched the lid to the marker and pushed hard. (but not hard enough). LOL

Olivia was having the time of her life running around....sister got a little annoyed having a shadow so close behind. Olivia would squeal with delight when sister got mad....she knew! Its starting already....the joys of sisterhood!

The girls had a great time playing with the baskets and fruit at the make believe market! Olivia is now walking so she had fun "running" around after her sister! It was amazing to watch Olivia go over to the herb smelling bin...she would lift the lid and smell...then turn to see if momma was watching her be a BIG girl!
We all had a terrific Friday Free day!

Today (Sat.) we went to my Hubby's work Christmas party then got our tree! Something very special happened at the party that would warm any mom's heart like a big mug of hot cocoa on the first snow of the season! Stay tuned for pictures and a post in the next few days.
This weekend has been very busy! Hubby and I did our Christmas shopping and had a dinner date night after my long Friday with the girls...I have a funny picture from dinner at the Olive Garden! You won't want to miss this!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Peace and Prayers,


  1. Hi Suzanne~

    The boys are 14,11,9 and 6. My 11yr old will be 12 in Feb.

    The girls are 3 1/2 and 14mo.

    Hope your having a great day.

    Peace and Blessings,

  2. I have a 14 year old boy too.
    His birthday is Feb. 17th and then he'll be 15, of course.
    I'll bet your boy is a good kid..I am sure he is. Mine is the youngest and its been hard on him and me that he doesn't have little ones to help with a makes them unselfish.
    Sometimes the older ones can feel a burden, but overall if a parent is reasonable and doesn't expect too much, they make good and happy responsible folk! :)


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