Friday, December 12, 2008

Backyard Christmas Tree!

Its Friday and our Christmas tree is still laying in the back yard,waiting to be brought in to decorate! The plan is to decorate it tonight!?
The girls and I did make the Chex mix yesterday after the bible study. It turned out great!
Today I think I might take the girls with me to do some Christmas shopping? I still haven't decided for sure....I'm such a homebody and I don't want to wake the girls! So I will see how late they sleep in.
The weather here is cold and rainy,we might get snow! The shopping I want to do is an hour away.
Christmas has really snuck up on me this year! I still have not done the Christmas letter I wanted to send out. I even told myself no STRESS.
Well here is a picture of a large pine tree in our back yard. My Hubby puts lights on it every he can see it from the window.(I know it needs more lights but my Hubby is so proud of I don't have the heart to tell him) Jackie thinks it it must be! Jackie is our 3 year old. The day after Thanksgiving my Hubby worked all day putting up the lights on the outside of the house! Jackie came in the house and told me in her cute voice "My Dad is putting up Christmas!" She was his helper that day. She was so proud of her Dad!
The boys should have been out there, but they were out playing football in a neighbors yard.

Merry Christmas,


  1. Gorgiann,

    I so love Christmas lights! It's very sweet that your husband went through all that trouble to get them on the tree.

    My husband I and I were just talking about taking the kids out light looking next weekend. We don't celebrate Christmas anymore but we sure are suckers for the pretty things about the holiday!!!

    Speaking of, did you get any snow out your way yet? My children are more than excited to finally drag out the snow suits and boots today.


  2. Hi Jennifer~
    We did get snow just tonight! It was sticking to the ground but...the roads were fine. I hope the snow will hold off until tomorrow night, as church is tomorrow and Hubby and I were going to see a old Victorian house that is for sale! I have alreadt seen it and what to show Hubby and the Kiddos!

    Peace in Christ,

  3. Georgiann, I love your tree. Your Christmas preparations sound like mine. How nice to look out your back window and see this lighted tree. Thank goodness for willing husbands. Merry Christmas!


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