Friday, December 5, 2008

My New Baby Carrier~

Olivia loves her new carrier! I wore her using a front carry on the way to the Children's Museum. We parked and took the trolley through town, then walked up a few blocks.
On the way back I carried Olivia on my back. I needed some help with the back carry...making sure she was in good. I need to practice a little more at home. The mirrors in the museum helped.
She played hard and actually fell asleep in her carrier on the way back to the car! She walks real good now and loved totaling around after sister. She was so cute with her piggy tails!
We had a great time at the museum and our stop in our favorite bakery. I took a ton of pictures. I will post them later tonight or tomorrow.

Peace and Prayers,


  1. Two of my teen children have volunteered lots of hours at our
    Children's Science Museum here!
    Those places are as fun for adults as they are for the children..sometimes! :)
    I love coming to your is precious and makes me think happy "childlike" thoughts!
    Anyway, the holidays are going pretty simply but nice enough so far and I am grateful for that..trying to keep them that way as much as I can.
    Oh, no, I don't own the gift store I work is a Hallmark.
    I just returned from an evening of Adoration and also I cooked today for a bunch of young fellows who came to hear some of our priests talk about discerning the priesthood. It is a sorta special time for me with our Lord all the way around and those nice guys make over my cooking. I like to pat our good holy priests on the back with a good meal too. I think they get them, but you know the kind from the heart. :) Tonight they had homemade chicken pot pie but mine is topped with drop bisquits. They loved it!
    So, it was a very holy and nice evening. Thanks for coming by!
    Write with ya later. Hug those kids for me!

  2. Your little one looks like she enjoys being carried close to mama too. Yes, I have an ergo and I really like it! Baby loves being it and has had many naps there too. :) I mostly use it when we are out walking and I have used it while grocery shopping. :)

    You have a cute family!



  3. I just love "packing" the kids around. Now my youngest is almost 5 and wants to do everything himself. Sigh. They grow up so fast. My daughter in law uses my Ergo now for my adorible grandson. I'm still hoping that I'll yet have to borrow it back from her. ;-)


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