Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Buffet For The Sickies

Hi All,
Well after posting on Thursday things got worse! My oldest son (14) came home from school and was very sick...body aches,etc..he went straight to bed! It was not long before he was really sick! I will leave out the gruesome details!

I had body aches and mild nausea for a few days but it was now worse. My husband called home and was complaining of the same thing! The younger 3 kiddos all were having a relapse!

I knew we were in for a rough night but I could never have imagined how it all would play out. It was like a scene of a scary movie!
By 7 o'clock their was 6 out of 8 family members weak and very sick running back and forth to the bathroom. This virus was showing no mercy!

I gave my 9yr old and soon to be 12yr old sons (Feb4) permission to stay home Friday to take care of us "sickies". The two that were not sick "YET" were such a great help and a blessing, bringing people water,Gatorade,crackers,apple slices etc. They helped watch the baby as she was not sleepy due to a long nap. I was in bed with the chills and very sick running to the bathroom and could not watch her.

The boys brought the baby into bed at 11:30pm. I was thankful she was asleep because the thought of having to nurse her in my condition was not pleasant! By 12:30pm both boys that were NOT sick were now as sick as the rest of us! Every child had a barf bucket next to them.

The house was very quiet except for the washing machine that we had to keep running all night...and moving things along,despite how sick we felt. The laundry was piling up quick as some of the blankets took a hit.

Most of the kiddos sleep in our room so it was fairly easy to keep an eye on them! We prayed this illness would not last long and tried to get some rest!

Friday morning it was everyone for them self as far as food and drink went. We put out easy food and drink. The "Sickie Buffet" as we like to call it....all you feel like eating? if you even feel like it? All 8 of us stayed home praying and resting... still feeling very weak.

It is now Saturday and we are now all feeling much better but not 100%... Jackie my 3 yr old daughter is still getting sick unable to hold things down. Please keep us in your prayers!

How is everyone else in the world doing?
Are any of you sick?
Many people we know here in our area have suffered the same illness!

Leave in a comment and let me know~

Peace in Christ,

After posting[It is now Saturday evening and I'm starting to feel nauseous again...this virus does not want to let go!]


  1. That sounds awful! I will say some prayers for all of you especially your little one. What does the dr say? It's probably important to keep her hydrated being it's been so long, poor baby. I hope your next post reports a clean bill of health for your entire family. Nothing is worse than the stomach flu.

  2. Our system runs like yours when we get sick--the unsick care for the sick. It usually works out perfectly. Thankfully we've been spared this winter and hope to keep it that way. I've noticed that the more we stay out of public places the less sick we get. Not the best answer at times, but when you have over 10 people at a time being sick...blah!! Anyway, hope you all get better soon!! Praying for a speedy recovery!! Blessings! Kris

  3. Checking in to see how everyone is feeling. Hopefully you are busy with happier things. I bet you make great chicken soup - when you're well.

  4. Sure hope all is getting better!

  5. Hi there~
    Actually Jackie seemed fine all day then threw up again last night. Fine by day sick at night! Noah stayed home yesterday {Tues}, as he was up with a stomach ache.
    My hubby has had nausea all week as I have.
    Today is Jacob birthday he is 12. My sister is coming over tonight with a cake. I think I will make homemade mac and cheese and baked chicken for dinner.

    Peace and Prayers,

  6. Thanks for dropping by Georgiann. Hope your family is feeling better, sending prayers your way!


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