Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adventures In Date Night With Hubby!

Last Saturday after Mass my hubby and I bought pizza for the kids and dropped them home.
Hubby informed me he was taking me out for a date night....just the two of us!
Yippee no cooking this night!

There is a movie (that was pretty good by the way) called Date Night
(I will post the trailer at the end of my post).......our date night was not as adventurous as in the movie but fun none the less!

Our date was full of laughs, laughs and more laughs!
SSSOOOO good for the soul!

 Hubby and I have decided we would step out of our norm when going on dates from now on.
The restaurants we pick and places we go will be new and different.
 A hit or miss if you will.......but always an adventure......never dull.
The new experiences gives us something to talk about besides the usual.

This date night we went to a Chinese Buffet advertising all you can eat Crap Crab and Lobster.
The lobster smelled a musty dishrag from the bottom of my kitchen sink. It was coated in a sticky slippery glaze making it impossible to bust the shell off. Not that I was really going to eat it after the nauseating smell it gave off. Hubby and I laughed and laughed as we took turns trying to get the shell off.  It was a great time!
There was lots of other stuff on the buffet that was pretty good a mass produced Chinese food can be that has been sitting in a steam table for hours! Shrimp fixed 5 ways, the dim sum and Lotus Paste steamed rolls were a few of my favorite things there.
Hubby and I reminisced.....remembering our favorite movies that had Chinese restaurant scenes or served up the ethnic delight.  IE Mine Your and Ours with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball and
 Working Girl with Harrison Ford and Melanie Griffith......dim sum anyone?

I think there was a movie with George Burns that had a girl in a Chinese restaurant talking to God?
I'm not sure if its OH GOD but now I want to get a copy and watch to see? When searching for the trailer for the really old movie I saw as a child....I had forgotten it had John Denver in it as one of the main characters.

 As I watched people approach the buffet, most of the folks all took the tongs and shuffled through the tray of chopped shell on lobster........puzzled they took nothing. Some mostly Asians took piles of the stuff!   Doesn't these cockroaches this lobster look appetizing?
The really hard shell is still on.......hummm!

The decorations were truly lovey so very ornate.......etched glass,murals and gold ceilings with crystal light fixtures! Very pretty!

After navigating the buffet......traveling up and down the isles looking for main courses that were to our liking was on to the deserts..... sigh*****Yes, since there were 2 things at the buffet for the taking I can say DESSERTS!
They were both terrible!

But guess what?

I would do it all over again.....yep you heard right!
I would not go back there to eat, but our night was fun, terrific, hilarious!
I totally had a wonderful time with my felt like a good first date.
(minus all the awkwardness of what would come after the date ****wink* wink!**)
We talked about all sorts of stuff..... not about the kids or what repairs the house needs!

On our night out we got to know each other a way we had forgotten in the business that comes with the day to day raising 6 kiddos!

Going someplace new and different was refreshing.
It gave us a chance to have something other than the day to day stuff to talk about!

We laughed, giggled (ok only I giggled) and people watched in a good way!

So here's to many more date night adventures!
For our next date night I want to drag   whisk my hubby off to a quaint little Indian restaurant!
He seems to think Indian food is ALL curry!!! Not true!!!! I really think he will be pleasantly surprised!

How are your married date nights?

If you want leave me a comment telling me about a fun or funny date you have been on with your hubby I love to hear from you!

Seen any good movies lately?

 Had any interesting food?



  1. How fun - my hubs is NOT at all adventurous with food so that would never go over at my house :)!! But he is super good at taking me for walks or long drives and holding my hand - sweetie!!! Our latest tradition is to do our grocery shopping together on Sunday evening after Bible study. Not super romantic but we always end up laughing as he's always so much fun that we have a good time!!! We enjoy the time alone even if it's at the store and for me it doesn't feel like a chore then!!!

    Have a great week!!

  2. So glad I came here and read this..its so precious! Yes, my husband and I do take date nights, but now we can more often, so we have to really make an effort to look for the "different!" When we first began to do this, we'd go out to eat and mosey over to Borders Books. What I remember the most, is that husband, would just be different..more relaxed and say stupid silly comments..say if he accidentally overheard someone conversing, he'd say.."Did you know that she has been not sleeping well for a few nights?" or "Did you know that he's about had it with this restaurant and isn't coming back?"
    LOL...stuff like that...its kind of hard to put into words..not really shaming anyone, but doing it out of the blue to grab my attention and make me giggle. Neither one of us are comedians by nature, so any little thing can crack me up. Then we'd go in he book store..he'd read Civil War stories out of magazines..I'd go over to the music section..then he come around the corner eventually and say in a semi loud voice.."Well, now, who is this pretty lady?! What is such a pretty lady doing all alone in a bookstore?" Silly goose! Stuff like that..most people would thing nothing of, but when you are at home raising a family...anything silly is like a priceless jewel in the marriage! Glad you had fun and glad you didn't eat the crab or lobster ..whatever it was...I always love being Catholic and praying over our food..sometimes I wonder if God heals it when we do that??? !!! Who knows? :)

  3. Chistine,
    Many moons ago.....we used to go shoppin as a couple!
    We had just 1 kiddo....

  4. Suzanne,
    Thanks for sharing stories of your date nights!
    Things here have been busy...(A Paulist Father came to do a Lenten Catholics can evangelise....Mass followed by a talk for 3 evenings in a row and my kiddos have spring break) I was hoping to write this comment last night but did not get a chance!

    No prayers could have healed this lobster and crab....we tryed! lol hee hee!

    Thanks so much for your comment and friendship!


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