Friday, March 18, 2011

Quite A Pair

Olivia is now feeling much better and Jasper never leaves her side!
But at the begining of the week......

At the beginning of the week Olivia's cold turned into a fever.....a very high fever (103.5) So I packed her up and headed to the DR's office. They tested her for the FLU, strep throat and white blood counts.
 All came back negative and fine. So they sent us over to get a chest X-ray to check for pneumonia. It showed mucus in the lungs but not really pneumonia and her oxygen levels were fine.
We were at the DR's for 3 1/2 long hrs. They decided to start her on an antibiotic and sent the strep test to the lab for a longer test.
We finally got a call yesterday......she had/has strep. Olivia has been on the antibiotic for 3 days so far of  a 5 day course so she is no longer contagious but will keep her home as much as possible and/or away from others. She has been taking long naps and going to bed early! I'm so glad she is feeling better.
She will be getting a new toothbrush today! And I will have the chore of cleaning and sanitizing the toothbrush drawer in my bathroom! DR said if anyone else gets a fever to bring then in! I'm praying not....but you how it is with kids and with a large brood it can get passed around like wildfire! :(

Peace and Love,

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