Monday, March 21, 2011

An Afternoon Out....Just Hubby and I

Martinis and Bloody Marys
Meat Balls in marinara sauce topped with cheese!
Mini pannini sandwiches to share. So romantic!

Sunday hubby and I decided we would go have drinks and appetizers then head to a movie.
It seems we have a boat load of gift cards needing to get used.
We had gift cards for BOTH the restaurant and the movie!!!!!
Hubby and I had been talking about doing to a movie since Christmas!!!!
There had just been a lot going on here in our home the past few months.
Miscarriage,sports and illness to list a few.
We decided it was important to carve out the time for each other.....our marriage needed it!
Time with NO kiddos....just him and I!
In the morning we took most of our kiddos out to the cemetery to bring flowers to Christians grave.
Then to a park with our dog Jasper. I will post pictures of all that in a few days!
We could not find the enclosed dog park we were hoping to take Jasper to, so we settled for the playground/duck pond for the kids to play for a few moments.
Time was of the essence as we needed to go pick up 2 of our kiddos from various places...... then drop them home so Hubby and I could start our date!!!

The movie we went to see was The Lincoln Lawyer, it was really good!
Here is the official trailer!

       Did I mention I brought home a few leftovers?
     Well just a small box of mini sandwiches....

Well I got to go.....its tea time!

Peace and Love,


  1. Georgiann,
    Sounds heavenly!! DH and I desperately need some time out too. But I know we just can't swing it for awhile yet. :-( Boo Hoo!! Soon hopefully. Anyway, loved seeing the pictures of your lovely time out. Wistful sigh.

    Also wanted to let you know that I announced our "news" that I hinted about on my blog eons ago. I had planned to announce it earlier but along came Japan's crisis and just couldn't bring myself to write about our little struggles when their's are so huge!! Feel free to come by and "visit". :-)

    Love ya!

  2. Time with hubby is sooo important!! So glad you were able to carve out the time!! Hope you are feeling well and getting some of the lovely sunshine that is shining on us today!!


  3. Oh, my. That is the best tea in all the land. My favorite...just me, back parroozing your blog. (Which is brand new to me and a great distraction from "life" right now, which I needed this evening!) St John Baptist's blessings to dyou today! Lisa


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