Friday, May 6, 2011

Impromtu Afternoon At The Beach and More!

Yesterday was not our usual day in our home. Daddy had a day off.....other than the normal Sundays he has off! Yes, he works 6 days a week. Not for the money, though its nice, but because the project he is building is nearing an end and there are dead lines. My hubby also has today off but has left to go fishing/camping with some friends until Sunday! Hubby was assigned to bring oysters to the campout. So as he was leaving to go buy some (a 45minute drive away) I invited myself and my 3 home schooled children! A field trip with daddy....yippee! After buying oysters we ended up walking down on the beach. The tide was way out and there was no one else there. (I told the kiddos daddy reserved it (the beach) just for us!)

It was very quiet and peaceful! The air was salty and the birds were singing and looking for food!
We saw an eel, crabs and found some really cool shells!
After about an hour walking the beach collecting seashells, it was off to the Catholic Holy shop in town to buy a gift for my oldest son Jarett, then to Chevy's for Tex-mex food to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!

Jarett was Confirmed last night (Thursday May 5th).
 The gift hubby and I gave our son was a St. Joseph Catholic bible with his name embossed on the front!
Our new Arch Bishop Peter Sartin was presiding! My son Nick was an alterserver and I was an EM.
It was a beautiful night! I will post some picture over the weekend!

Our birthday girl!
Well May 14th....

The kiddos watching the tortilla maker. This machine makes them fresh in 55 seconds!
The small dough round is placed in the top of the machine where it is pressed and the grilled in a conveyor style oven to cook!

I will post pictures from my sons Confirmation sometime over the weekend!
That the plan anyways....sigh***

Today the youngest 3 kiddos went to daily Mass and got to meet a Nun from the St. Faustina order
of The Divine Mercy. She had a 3 generation relic with her and we were able to bring in medals that touched that relic and are now 4 generation relics. I also received the sacrament for the anointing of the sick.
After Mass I bought the kiddos lunch at Mickey D's ....we took the lunch to Nicks school and dined with him! I was surprised to see us! It has been a awesome 2 days!
Very special!

Happy Mother's day weekend!

Oh that reminds me......I have a special rerun post for you all tomorrow!
I hope you will come by and view a Mothers Day might remember seeing it on my blog before but its so worth watching.

Peace and Love,


  1. Guess what, Georgiann?!!!! Your Bishop Peter Sartain went to my very relatively small Catholic High School in Memphis, TN..Bishop Byrne High School to be exact and gradutated about 2 years ahead of me!!! Wow, small world, eh? He was one of the nicest young men you'd ever want to know..very very well loved in high school too and I know with all my heart, you have a wonderful Bishop! I could not wait to tell you!
    Glad you made it to the beach for a field trip! I love the beach and never get to go..I actually drove to our Lake Monroe just this afternoon just to get some peace around the water..not an ocean beach, but better than none, I was pretty..
    Anyway, blessings for your son too!!!!
    Love ya, Suzanne

  2. Georgiann,
    Just catching up! Pictures look fantastic!! Wish I could go to the beach too. Wistful Sigh!! :-)

    Thought I'd pop in and say "HI!!" while I've got a few spare minutes!!

    And now back into the fray...


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