Saturday, May 28, 2011

The busy but fruitful life of a large family....

Hi all who come read my blog.....and the lurkers that read my stuff and never comment!
I pray all is well with all of you.
Here at The Bluebird Cottage life has been busy but fruitful!

I was mentioning to a friend that my May and June are the busiest time for our family.
With 4 kiddos in baseball (11 games in 1 week at times) and all end of the year parties for all the extra activities.
There are band concerts to attend, 2 Scout ceremonies, church activities and parties.
 Birthdays (3 of my kiddos) and 5 fundraisers for my oldest sons football and 2 baseball teams he is on.
I had to help bake things and attend! There are Track and Field days (and evening)
to attend, school award assemblies, graduations and teacher list can go on and on!

My sister and I took my daughter Jackie (6) to the Cheesecake Factory and to see the Production of the Disney Mary Poppins play in Seattle last week! It was Jackies birthday gift. I also bought her the souvenir carpet purse/bag and parrot head umbrella. (pictured above) She wanted to see the Ifel Tower (Space Needle). We did drive by it and wanted to go up...but it was closing by the time we got there.

This weekend we will make time to visit the cemetery where our son Christian is buried!

I pray everyone will have a safe and enjoyable Memorial weekend!

Peace,Love and Prayers,


  1. Yep, for sure a busy time of year for us too - and with wee one about to make an appearance planning is a bit of a challenge!! In your daughter's Mary Poppins picture she is wearing the same dress I picked out for my daughter's Easter dress - so pretty - we must have similar taste!!! Hope your weekend is restful and wonderful!!


  2. I got the dress for her birthday...I get her a birthday dress every year. It also came with a doll dress!
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers as I know D day will be soon!

    Peace,love and prayers for a safe and healthy delivery!


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