Monday, May 9, 2011

Most Precious Gifts......

are my children and time with them!

One of the most precious gift I received this mothers day was........a bouquet of dandelion stems.
It seems they had already been wished upon.
My 3yr old Olivia handed them to me with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.
She said, "mom I wished God would give us a bunch more babies!"
She has been giving me wished on stems all last week! I love it! (sadly no baby on the way as of yet!)
Keep us in your prayers!

Another gift I received was time with my son Jarett.
My oldest son Jarett just got his learners permit last week.
He is enrolled in drivers class and needs to get 50 hours of driving in
with either me or hubby. That equals about 1 hour a day! So anytime the other kiddos have to go some place
Jarett is our chauffeur!
It has been nice to spent so much time with him!
He will be a Senior in High School next year! :( sigh***

On Friday my 3 youngest kiddos and I went to daily Mass, Benediction, Adoration, Anointing Of The Sick and
to meet a Nun from the St. Faustina order of the Divine Mercy.
We had and veneration of a was very cool! :)

Jackie, Olivia and Noah
(My youngest 3)

My oldest son Jarett was confirmed last Thursday......
He is pictured here with Arch Bishop Peter Sartin.

Another gift I received the last few months is more time with my son Jacob!
You see Jacob has a girlfriend....but our rules are that  he can NOT stay home alone with her.
And they both also had to stay in the living room or on the yard when she is over.
No privacy!
So the both of them are often with me as I run the younger kiddos around.
I love this precious time with my son and his girlfriend (both 14)
He and his girlfriend go every where with me and the younger kiddos.
Before he had a girlfriend he would just stay home in his room.

Jacob, Jarett and Nick!
(My oldest 3)

This weekend my girls got to learn about horses all day at a local horse ranch!
I will save those pictures and that post for tomorrow. :)
Or so is my plan today! hee hee!

I pray you all had a wonderful Mothers Day!

Peace and Love,

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