Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Bit Of Etiquette Training~

On Friday we had our pretend baby shower/ tea party! Jackie came running down stairs and the first thing out of her mouth was "Ok,its time for the baby shower"! She was so excited!
Yes, I let my kiddos have candy,cookies,brownie bits for breakfast! But lets not forget there was some cream cheese,celery,walnut tea sandwiches there too! lol~

Our tea pot was filled with apple cider, the table was set.... the girls had on their party dresses......and every things was in place.

A quick prayer and it was time for the food and presents!

There is always a lesson to be taught....we talked about table manners and other party etiquette as we sipped our cider from our tea cups!
Noah chose to play in the other most guys, he was not into the "fluff" of a pretend baby shower! He was only interested in the "stuff" ie:food and goodies!

The party offered a great opportunity to talk about how to respond to a gift we may not have "wanted" or did not really like! We never want to hurt the givers feelings!

Oh... if your wondering what kind of gift could created such a response on a 4yr old face?

It was 3 wooden blocks and a wooden eggplant that Velcros into 3 parts! lol

Baby Alive (that's not really alive ) got many nice things at her shower! A quilt,books,slippers,rattle and water proof pads to name a few! The blocks were a last minute thing! heehee

What was the worst present you ever received?

How did you respond?

Did your face tell the story so you did not have to?

We all had a really fun girls will make great mommies someday~

After the party Jackie wanted to carry her doll in a sling! I need to make a small one for her that fits,but in the mean time I let her use one of mine! Its so cool to watch my girls mother their dolls the way I mother them!

It feels good to see the reflection!



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  1. I have to tell you about the strangest gift I ever received and the circumstances. I had run one of my Christmas seminars at the ladies Christmas party for the church we were attending. I had spoken on the subject of giving gifts and wrapping them beautifully. I had taken along lots of gifts and had them on display to give ladies ideas for gifts and to show how a simple gift could be made special by the way it was presented.Later that evening we chose our gift from under the tree - every lady had brought along a wrapped gift to place under the tree for someone else to be blessed by - it had to cost less than $5. I had taken along a candle set and wrapped it creatively and lots of the ladies received candles, soaps, sweet biscuits, that sort of thing. My gift looked like it was toiletries but when I unwrapped it, lo and behold, it was a smelly gift but it wasn't lavender talc, rather a tub of fish fertilizer! It actually looked as if it had been sitting in someones shed for a long time, the container was grubby and a bit battered and possibly even used and resealed! I was not sure if it had been intended as a joke or if the person had forgotten to buy a gift and thought that all women garden and would appreciate fish fertilizer! All the ladies around me were speechless and some could not help laughing, after all I had just spoken on putting thought into the gifts you choose - I didn't even have a garden at the time so the fertilizer was not even useful to me! Of course, I did not know who the giver was but it gave me the idea of reminding ladies at future seminars if buying for a mystery gift activity to think about a gift that would appeal to a wide range of people!


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